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40 photos from Echoes From Agartha and Gates of Agartha's mind-blowing summer editions

A dance between myth and modern beats in Turkey's enchanting terrains

  • 30 August 2023

Nestled within the ethereal landscape of Turkey's Cappadocia, this year's edition of Echoes From Agartha festival spun its tantalising tale once again. The festival draws inspiration from the legend of Agartha, an immense underground kingdom supposedly founded by Atlanteans following their demise and believed to possess 12 gateways across the world, one of which is located in Cappadocia.

Drawing a global crowd, thousands of party people journeyed to this secluded haven from countless corners of the globe, congregating between July 26 - 31 for the festival's first leg, Echoes From Agartha, in Cappadocia. Its sequel, Gates Of Agartha, resonated in Çeşme from August 3 - 6.

This year's stages at Echoes From Agartha spanned the mystical IO Valley, the evocative Zion Canyon, and the elevated splendour of Yunak Evleri, where the twilight sky played backdrop to dancing silhouettes. Lying on the historic Silk Road, the Saruhan Caravanserai was a fresh addition to this year's festival slate. Throughout the events in Cappadocia, it beckoned partygoers with the enchantment of the ancient world. For the second leg at Gates Of Agartha, Çeşme's Before Sunset Beach was the chosen rendezvous during the 'decompression week'.

On decks, artists the likes of Dixon, Keinemusik, BLOND:ISH, Lee Burridge, Bedouin, Echonomist, Mercan Dede, Murat Uncuoğlu, Erdi Irmak, Cihangir Çınar, Zoe Dona and Jamie S, along with a slew of others spun sonic wonders.

First introduced to the world in 2021, the festival has been carried forward by brothers Yaaz and Yalım Acar, culminating in a stunning third-year program. The festival now successfully serves as an offbeat hub for a select 2,000 music aficionados each year, merging party and music culture with meticulously crafted stage production and light design.

The aim is to provide attendees with a “Utopian experience” of belonging. The festival’s creative team presents an array of visuals, costumes and more, all designed to showcase Agartha’s allure. Festival-goers brought their own interpretation of Agarthan style, adding an organic dimension to the aesthetic conceived behind the scenes.

All in all, it served up a rich concoction of melodies and lore for the intrepid souls with a flair for the past. Immerse yourself in the Agarthan vibe with these photos from its dual summer editions below and follow Echoes From Agartha's Instagram account here to keep up with the latest updates.



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