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5 Brazilian artists that you need to check out

Get to know Johnny Bolzan, Allma Skneian, Rabelo Inc., Angello and ^L_

  • 5 November 2022

Brazil is a country with a strong party culture, and the people living there could be the world's most celebrative ones. Even a local joke claims that the Brazilian New Year doesn't start until February, following Carnival.

Brazil not only has a large and thriving music industry, but it also has a distinct electronic music culture with its own traditions, references, and cultural norms. The South American country created and exported its own national stars, as well as its own partying locations and practices.

Brazil underwent a dance music revolution at the turn of the millennium. Fast and hard sounds such as drum ‘n’ bass and bass music were filtering down into the South American nation and fusing with Latin American styles to forge entirely fresh takes on the rave music that exploded in popularity through North America and Europe across the late ‘80s and ‘90s. From 600,000 ravers taking to the São Paulo streets for Parada da Paz to debauched clubs such as Lov.e, the country’s scene has always been an incubator and a platform both for artists and for revellers.

Although Brazil has emerged as a house music destination in the past few years, the DJs and the producers in the country represent many different styles of dance music. We have picked out 5 of the emerging and incumbent artists for you to check out.

Johnny Bolzan

With exponential reach on Tik Tok with his productions, Johnny Bolzan have already caught the attention of artists like Fatboy Slim, Backstreet Boys, Gramatik and Sofi Tukker.

Johnny Bolzan studied electronic music production in Point Blank Music School in London and the artist is quite versatile and creative when it comes to his music productions.

You can check the artist content via his social profiles like Instagram and TikTok.

Follow Johnny Bolzan on Instagram | TikTok

Allma Skneian

Allma Skneian is the project of DJ, audio designer and producer Djalma, a Brazilian artist increasingly recognized for his far-fetched dark ambient, techno and dub techno sound.

The artist has just released his latest hypnotic masterpiece, 'Obsession' EP, which comes with four brand new tracks: ‘Intro Darkness’, ‘Dively’, ‘Obsession’ and ‘La Porte’.

Allma Skneian produced all the tracks while living in Berlin and studying Sound Design at HDPK University, an experience that added striking references in his work.

The artist is part of Casting at Startdust agency in Ibiza and a resident DJ at Ibiza Startdust Radio.

Follow Allma Skneian on Spotify | Instagram | Soundcloud

Rabelo Inc.

Inspired by the tech house feelings, the rising artist Rabelo Inc. is working to be known all over the world.

The Brazilian DJ and producer was born and raised in São Paulo, and dared to live in another country to learn about how to make better electronic music.

Now, his latest track, ‘Senhor’, is out on a VA compilation via label called Knuck!.

Follow Rabelo Inc. on Instagram | Facebook


Gabriel Angelo, aka ANGELLO is a Brazilian DJ and producer. His first single ‘Boom Boom’ was released in 2017, followed up by ‘Jackers’ (2018) which was played on festivals like Tribe and XXXPerience.

The artist reinvented himself musically in 2020 when he participated in several European podcasts standing out in the Melodic Techno genre and Ethereal Techno. In 2022 he released the EP ‘Do You Remember’ in collaboration with french producer Dipolair and Brazilian Vinny.

The release got approval from artists like BLANCAh and Korolova. Soon after that, the artist made his debut at the electronic music temple Warung Beach Club. ANGELLO is also the founder and A&R partner of Manawa Records along with the French producer Dipolair.

Follow ANGELLO on Instagram

^L_ (Luis Fernando)

The work of ^L_ (real name Luis Fernando) has been described as almost scary, but attractive. disturbing, uncomfortably pleasant, and even weird. His works have been released by labels from Berlin, London, Tokyo and more.

Influenced by IDM giants such as Aphex Twin and Autechre, ^L_ also shows old school knowledge by referencing industrial music, coldwave, darkwave, cyberpunk culture and acid techno. All this range of influences expressed in a cohesive and contemporaneous way.

The artist explores winding paths through the darkness of the EBM. Add dirty breakbeats, horror movie lines, electric laser beams. Industrial beat elements that tick like clockwork as life swings amidst automated daily duties and emotional experiences.

His songs always have themes of loneliness, nihilism, sounding sometimes perfectly chaotic, sometimes beautifully. His tracks are full of references to movies, books and other elements of modern culture.

Follow ^L_ (Luis Fernando) here

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