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Arodes: ‘Fight for your dreams, think big and pour yourself into it’

The artist performed at Morocco's Caprices 2023 this month

  • 30 May 2023

Hi Adrian, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. First of all, how are you today?

I am overjoyed because I am traveling the world thanks to the music and getting to know wonderful places where the sun goes down. Lately, I played in Sundream Baja California B2B Rüfüs du Sol and the vibes were immaculate! Our music and early sun were the perfect ingredient to make an unforgettable sunrise.

Born in Spain, what were some of your early influences growing up?

My mom was a musician so everything came so naturally. Of course, it has greatly influenced my taste and my sound. Listened to every type of music when I was a kid and I traveled quite a bit. Then these different traditions and instruments inspired me so for me later to be able to deliver these acoustic messages from within myself to the world.

How did you first get into music production & DJing?

At eighteen, I attended my first music festival and saw firsthand the power and connectivity of music. I was captivated and knew from that moment on that I wanted to become a DJ and producer, so I could send my message to the world. I started my career as a DJ and producer when I understood that what made me really happy was to transmit and share my emotions and feelings through music. I discovered that the first time I performed in front of an audience, in Los Angeles, where I started my career, that day I knew that I wanted to dedicate myself to it for life.

Living between Miami and Ibiza, how much of an influence have both of the cities had on your sound?

For me, Ibiza and Miami are two of the biggest references in the electronic music scene. Each place gives you the possibility to bring new music to the public on two continents and at two different times in the same year, Miami in Winter and Ibiza in summer.

Being close to people who have so much knowledge and transmit such good vibrations is essential to breathe this atmosphere that allows me to concentrate 100% when it comes to creating my own music. In addition, the club culture of these places is very wide and you can meet your idols closer than ever.

What are some of your favourite instruments/plugins that define your signature sound?

I built a Home Studio, where I made an effort to have a decent sound treatment. I don't have analog equipment, apart from an "uad Apollo and my focal speakers". I start many projects on the laptop when I'm traveling, inspiration you never know where or when it arrives, so I've gotten used to working "in the box". My favourite daw is Ableton because of the ease it gives you to have an arrangement in a few minutes, I couldn't live without the Diva or Serum synths, and my favourite plug-in package is Fabfilter, apart from Ableton's native plug-ins.

You made your way to Morocco to perform at Caprices 2023 on the 12th of May. Was this your first time in Morocco? What can people expect from your DJ set on the day?

I’ve played in Morocco once in the past, but I've been very excited about this one since it is with the Caprices family. In April I played at Crans Montana edition, really close to the snow. People loved that party, but now it’s time for bringing the heat to North Africa!

What plans do you have for the future with your brand "Unreleased"?

Unreleased is one of my most dedicated projects, and we’re working in silence but it’s time to drop you some exclusive news: stay tuned to my socials and be ready for my upcoming events in Ibiza Cova Santa and Void Mykonos.

Last but not least, what message do you wish to spread to the world?

I know it is a topic, but fight for your dreams, think big, and pour yourself into it, because if you really do it then what you wish it is possible to make it happen. There is no other way.

Follow Arodes and take a listen to his top tracks below.

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