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Artists to watch out in 2024: Cyazon

Cyazon shares his strategy for balancing inspiration and productivity in 2024

  • 4 January 2024

Cyazon is gearing up for an impactful 2024. He is focused on securing a booking agency for live shows, bolstered by a consistent social media presence and strategic music releases. Cyazon’s unique sound blends analog, 80s, and Cyberpunk elements, reminiscent of Nero and Dimension. He aims to refine this style by collaborating with like-minded artists and singers. With an EP release scheduled for February, several singles in the pipeline, and a potential collaboration with Ollie Wride, Cyazon is set to offer fans a steady stream of new music. Balancing inspiration and dedication, Cyazon intends to maintain a healthy work-life balance while pushing creative boundaries. The year ahead also includes exploring videography to enhance his musical storytelling, adapting to industry trends like the rising popularity of drum & bass, and evolving his visual aesthetic to align with his musical direction. This promises to be a transformative and exciting journey for his listeners.

What are your primary career goals and aspirations as a DJ/producer in 2024, and how do you plan to achieve them?

The main career goal for 2024 is to get a booking agency to start playing live shows. I plan to achieve this by releasing more music on labels, be consistent with my social media presence, and coordinating with my team in the pitching process for booking agencies.

Can you share some insights into your musical and creative resolutions for this year? Are there specific aspects of your sound or style you aim to refine or explore further?

My musical/creative resolutions for the new year are to create more music in the new sound direction I’m going in, which I started doing earlier this year. I also want to do more collaborations with singers and artists that I feel would fit my sound. With refining and exploring further my sound, I aim to make it sound as professional as possible. My sound currently is sounding analog, 80’s, and Cyberpunk like the artists Nero and Dimension. Doing it in my own way more, which I already am, I think will be key to evolving my sound.

With a new year ahead, do you have any exciting releases or projects in the pipeline that fans can look forward to? Can you provide a sneak peek into what's on your production horizon?

I have an upcoming EP with a label being released in February with the first single from the EP being released in early January. I also have a potential upcoming single being released with another label in March. I have about eight unreleased singles in the process of being finished and pitched to various labels. So, that is what is coming up for the new year.

On a personal level, what strategies or plans do you have in place to maintain a healthy work-life balance in 2024, considering the demands of a DJ/producer's schedule?

I think making music when I feel inspired to and not forcing it has always been a good strategy for me to maintain a healthy work-life balance. So, I plan to do more of that, but I also would like to push myself more in the upcoming year to see what happens with finishing more music.

What do you believe sets you apart as an emerging artist, and how do you plan to leverage this uniqueness this year?

I think the sound of my music and my visual aesthetic sets me apart as an artist. I plan to do more high-quality visual content on my social media, which I think will leverage my uniqueness.

Can you outline any notable collaborations or partnerships you intend to explore in the new year, and what kind of creative synergy do you hope to achieve through these ventures?

There are not too many new collaborations happening at the moment, but a vocal feature with Ollie Wride is in the works currently. He is well-known in the synthwave and 80’s music community, and I love his vocals. So, I’m looking forward to our collaboration being completed.

In terms of live performances, what are your touring plans or notable gigs lined up for 2024? Are there any destinations or venues you're particularly excited to visit and play at?

No live performances planned currently. There is a potential for a London show around April-June, but my team has to pitch the idea to the label still, so nothing set in stone yet.

Beyond music production, do you have any non-musical ventures or interests you'll be pursuing in the new year, and how might they intersect with your music career?

Something I may be pursuing in the new year is videography and creating high quality visuals/videos for my social media. I believe it will help my music career by showcasing what the visual aesthetic and story of Cyazon is all about.

What trends or changes do you foresee in the industry for 2024, and how do you plan to adapt and stay at the forefront of these developments in your career?

What trend I have noticed in the industry is that drum & bass is becoming more relevant and played a lot more everywhere in the world. I plan to release more drum & bass music in my own way with my sound.

Looking ahead to 2024, what message or promise would you like to convey to your fans as they anticipate your journey as an artist to watch this year?

The message I would like to get across to my fans is to look forward to the new music coming out throughout next year, with a release every month. I’m also changing my look to fit more with the direction of my music as an artist, but I think it was a much-needed change to the visual aesthetic of Cyazon.

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