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Artists to watch out in 2024: Salvione

Salvione's in-depth look at his aspirations and projects for 2024

  • 4 January 2024

Salvione is poised for an even more groundbreaking year in 2024, building on his significant achievements from the previous year. His ambition includes launching a podcast aimed at assisting budding DJs and producers, offering insights into creative processes and industry intricacies. At the core of his plan is the expansion of the Elevated Sound Academy, enhancing music production coaching with additional perks like guest mixes and masterclasses with industry veterans. He's also set to amplify his presence on Elevated Radio, aiming for a wider reach, especially in the U.S. and globally in the MENA region and Australia. Salvione plans to delve deeper into content creation with his TWOtorial series and Mindset Monday, alongside giving fans an intimate look into his studio life. A significant milestone for 2024 is the launch of his own label, a challenge he's ready to embrace. Musically, Salvione aims to enrich his tracks with more funk and soul, emphasising dedicated studio time for his personal music production. Fans can look forward to his ambitious '30 in 30' challenge, a VLOG series creating 30 tracks in 30 days, offering a unique glimpse into his creative process. Balancing his intense schedule, Salvione credits daily meditation, journaling, and a well-planned routine for maintaining a healthy work-life balance, with strong support from his wife. His distinct energy, the multifaceted Elevated brand, and a focus on authenticity set him apart as an emerging artist. With exciting collaborations in the pipeline, including one with Patrick Nazemi, Salvione is gearing up for a thrilling year.

What are your primary career goals and aspirations as a DJ/producer in 2024, and how do you plan to achieve them?

2023 was a landmark year for me, but I'm all set to push the envelope even further in 2024. One of my key initiatives is launching a podcast dedicated to helping up-and-coming producers and DJs. I'll be bringing in fellow artists to dive into their creative processes and industry experts to provide career insights. The aim is to demystify the industry and the creative journey, filling a much-needed gap in the current landscape.

With the Elevated Sound Academy, the plan is to level up my music production coaching program. I’m enhancing our course material and adding exciting bonuses like guest mixes on Elevated Radio and masterclasses with industry veterans. In today's world, being a successful artist is about more than just your music. It's about having a strong presence across all fronts – branding, social media, you name it. I’m bringing in professionals to ensure my students excel in these areas too.

For Elevated Radio, I'm envisioning a massive leap. We're talking bigger guests, more substantial label takeovers, and expanding our reach, particularly in the U.S. I would love to turn on Sirius XM and hear Elevated Radio. In addition to the U.S., I'm targeting global expansion, aiming to reach audiences in the MENA region with Pure Ibiza UAE and I’d love to get on the airwaves down under in Australia, with Kiss FM. These goals are about connecting with music enthusiasts worldwide and introducing Elevated Radio's unique vibe to new territories.

Content creation is another area I’m focusing on. I’ll continue with the short impactful production tips in the TWOtorial series, and plus Mindset Monday, but also plan to bring fans closer into my studio life with regular, engaging content.

Of course, there will be more music and bigger gigs – that goes without saying. And a major goal for this year is launching my own label. It's a hefty undertaking, but I’m ready for the challenge.

With all these plans, focus and meticulous execution will be key, especially considering my packed schedule. But my passion for every aspect of this journey makes me confident that I can pull it off and make 2024 a year to remember.

Can you share some insights into your musical and creative resolutions for this year? Are there specific aspects of your sound or style you aim to refine or explore further?

In the upcoming year, I’m aiming to infuse my tracks with even more funk and soul. I've found a lot of inspiration lately in experimenting with different sampling techniques and in evolving the way I approach my music writing. It's about bringing more depth and a richer texture to my sound.

I'm also setting a goal to focus more on producing my own music. This means setting aside dedicated studio time each week, which is crucial for me to complete more projects. Balancing this with my other endeavours has been challenging, but I'm committed to making it a priority. Expect to see me in the studio more frequently, diving deep into crafting my tracks.

The plan is to not just refine my existing style but to really push the boundaries and explore new creative avenues. I'm excited to see how these changes will shape my sound and the music I bring to my fans this year.

With a new year ahead, do you have any exciting releases or projects in the pipeline that fans can look forward to? Can you provide a sneak peek into what's on your production horizon?

This year is set to be packed with new music and exciting projects. As I've mentioned, I’m keen on bringing fans closer to the creative process, really giving them a behind-the-scenes look into my studio world.

One of the major highlights to look out for is my '30 in 30' challenge. I’ll be doing a VLOG-style series where I push my limits to create 30 tracks in just 30 days. It's going to be an open book – with daily posts for accountability and to let fans witness the journey from start to finish. Plus, there's going to be a live link updated every 24 hours with each new track. But here’s the catch – once those 24 hours are up, that track gets locked away in the vault, and it's on to the next one.

I'm also considering live Twitch streams during this challenge to really give fans full access to the production process. This '30 in 30' project isn't just a test of my physical, mental, and creative limits – it's an invitation for fans to join me on this intense and exciting creative journey. I can't wait to dive in and share this experience with everyone.

On a personal level, what strategies or plans do you have in place to maintain a healthy work-life balance in 2024, considering the demands of a DJ/Producer's schedule?

Finding that sweet spot between work and life has been a learning curve, but I think I've gotten a lot better at it over the years. My wife has been incredible in this journey – she’s always there to remind me there's more to life than just the studio and decks. She's the perfect balance to my often work-focused world, always encouraging me to step out and embrace life beyond work. In many ways, she's the Yin to my Yang.

Daily meditation and journaling have also been key for me; they help keep me grounded and focused. Each Sunday, I make it a point to map out my week, identifying the one key thing I need to accomplish each day to advance my career. Once that’s done, I feel more at ease to switch off and really enjoy time with my family and friends.

And speaking of time off, I consciously schedule at least one complete day off every week. On those days, my phone is usually on 'do not disturb', allowing me to fully disconnect and be present in the moment. It’s about finding that balance and making sure I’m not just living to work, but also working to live a fulfilling life.

What do you believe sets you apart as an emerging artist, and how do you plan to leverage this uniqueness this year?

What really distinguishes me in the crowded field of emerging artists is the distinctive energy and fun vibe of my sound, both in the studio and on stage. I aim for an uplifting, feel-good experience with my music – that's the core of what I do. Additionally, the 'Elevated' brand significantly contributes to my uniqueness. It's multifaceted encompassing Elevated Radio, which boasts 3.9 million weekly listeners, and the Elevated Sound Academy, dedicated to nurturing aspiring producers. Plus, my regular tutorials and mindset videos reach not just DJs and producers but also regular music enthusiasts. Start to add in the podcast and label on top of that and I think it really sets me apart.

Looking ahead to this year, my focus is on expanding Elevated Radio’s reach even further, partnering with new syndicators to bring our unique sound to more ears. I'm also doubling down on content that supports and guides upcoming artists. In the studio, I plan to build on the style that brought me chart success on Beatport in 2023 – expect more funk, more energy, and an abundance of good vibes.

Ultimately, my plan is to keep being authentically me. By sharing my true self and my passion for music, I believe that’s what will continue to set me apart in this industry.

Can you outline any notable collaborations or partnerships you intend to explore in the new year, and what kind of creative synergy do you hope to achieve through these ventures?

In the pipeline for the new year, there are a few collaborations that I'm really excited about, still in the early stages, but shaping up to be something special. One I’m particularly thrilled about is with Patrick Nazemi. He's not just a good friend but also an incredible DJ, and we really vibe, so I'm eager to see what kind of magic we can conjure up together in the studio.

As for Elevated Radio, we're in talks for some potential partnerships with various labels and brands. I can’t dive into the specifics right now, but what I can say is that these collaborations are all about bringing something fresh and dynamic to the show. I'm really hoping these moves will help take Elevated Radio to the next level – injecting new energy and expanding our reach. Keep your ears open, there’s some exciting stuff on the horizon.

In terms of live performances, what are your touring plans or notable gigs lined up for 2024? Are there any destinations or venues you're particularly excited to visit and play at?

The live performance scene in 2024 is shaping up to be electrifying, and I'm buzzing with anticipation. I'm particularly thrilled about heading back to Costa Rica for the NT Festival. It's not just about performing there; I'm also excited to contribute a production masterclass as part of the festival's lineup. It’s a unique opportunity to connect with the audience both on and off the stage.

Additionally, I'm in the midst of planning a summer tour. One of the highlights is a return to a renowned venue in Ibiza – a place that's always buzzing with energy and is close to my heart. The prospect of bringing my music back to that iconic stage and sharing it with the vibrant crowds there is something I'm really looking forward to. Definitely can’t wait to share all of the details with everyone once it’s finalised.

Beyond music production, do you have any non-musical ventures or interests you'll be pursuing in the new year, and how might they intersect with your music career?

As 2023 came to a close, I've really dialled in my mental and spiritual practices. Currently, I'm on a 114-day straight streak of meditation and journaling. It's been incredibly grounding and transformative. But for 2024, I'm turning my focus towards ramping up my physical fitness. The last few months have been super hectic, and I feel it's time to get back in top physical shape.

There's a strong connection between physical fitness and my creative output. Regular exercise, especially running, does wonders for my focus and drive. It's during these workouts that I often find myself coming up with some of my best creative and business ideas.

So, this year is about maintaining that balance – nurturing the mind, body, and soul. I've found this holistic approach crucial for staying sharp and inspired, and it plays a significant role in how I approach challenges in my music career.

What trends or changes do you foresee in the industry for 2024, and how do you plan to adapt and stay at the forefront of these developments in your career?

I definitely see AI becoming a more prominent player in the music industry. It's already revolutionising various sectors, so it's natural for it to start making significant waves in our field. As for what that exactly means for music, it's still up in the air, but I'm ready to embrace AI tools where they make sense. Sticking to a 'purist' mentality doesn't fit my style – I'm all for working smarter, not harder. Of course, I'll never let AI take over the creative soul of my music, but I'm open to using it to enhance other aspects of my work.

When it comes to musical trends, they're always changing, and I've learned that chasing them isn't the way to go for me. My evolution as an artist has taught me the value of staying true to my own sound. While I'm open to drawing inspiration from current trends that resonate with me, my focus remains on producing and playing the music that I feel should be out there – the stuff that really speaks to me. It's about balancing staying relevant with maintaining my unique artistic identity.

Looking ahead to 2024, what message or promise would you like to convey to your fans as they anticipate your journey as an artist to watch this year?

As we look forward to 2024, I want to assure all my fans that you'll always get the real, unfiltered me. I'm committed to pouring my heart and soul into everything I do – from my productions and DJ sets to the academy, podcast, radio show, and my upcoming label. I'm here to bring something meaningful to both the world and the industry, and that's a promise I hold dear.

No matter what venture I dive into, know that it's driven by a passion to create, share the best of what I have, and raise the vibrations any way I can. Your support means the world to me. We've got an exciting journey ahead in 2024, and I'm thrilled to share every moment with you.

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