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Dish Dash: ‘Our ambition has no end’

The duo highlight family support as crucial during less supportive times for music, discuss their latest single ‘Daze’, their genre-flexible production approach and an upcoming audio-visual project

  • 3 May 2024

Originating from Saudi Arabia, the duo Dish Dash, consisting of Hassan and Abbas Ghazzawi, have significantly impacted the regional music scene with their distinct tech-house flair. Over the years, they have transitioned from the underground circuit to gracing stages at major international events and venues, including appearances during Formula 1 weekends in Abu Dhabi and at iconic locations like Space Sharm.

Their music —driven, powerful and always engaging— reflect their deep connection to the craft and their dedication to delivering unforgettable experiences. As they perform across global cities like London and Miami, Dish Dash not only represent Saudi talent but also showcase their ability to blend cultural influences into their performances, often sharing the stage with influential figures in the industry.

The duo credit their family's support as a cornerstone of their success, particularly during times when local norms were less favourable towards music. They also provide insights into their latest release “Daze”, discuss their genre-agnostic approach to music production and tease a forthcoming audio-visual project designed to enhance their live shows.

I guess many of our readers know you but for those who don’t know you, could you briefly introduce who Dish Dash are?

We're 2 brothers from Saudi Arabia who followed their passion for music and ended up paving the way for a now booming scene in our beloved country.

Becoming one of the key artists from Saudi Arabia to a much larger the Middle East scene, what are the 3 unforgettable memories of yours to remember?

Lots of memories come to mind, but if we must narrow it down to 3; then our first public gig in Saudi Arabia with Tiësto and Mariah Carrey. White Oasis, which was our first stand-alone festival with a full local line-up and it also was the first of its kind in the country, and of course MDLBEAST Sound Storm 2019; playing amongst a line-up full of international headliners was a milestone for sure, it felt truly magical.

When you look back, which elements you think have paved the way to your success?

The support of our family, especially our mother. She believed in us, even back when music wasn’t allowed to be played in malls or restaurants. The freedom and faith she gave us kept us going when the future wasn’t very certain.

What is the story behind your first release of 2024, “Daze”?

The track had been done for some time, but we were waiting for the right moment and Mahool record label to release it on. When we started working on the track, we had the idea of creating the perfect set-ending track from our perspective. Super happy with the track and the feedback on it.

I guess you must be “quite busy” with your upcoming releases as well as gigs these days. What are currently Dish Dash working on? Any exciting upcoming projects to share with our readers?

We’ve been working on a unique audio-visual experience for our audience that will include new music. Many other things are in the works, but we can’t talk about them now. Follow our social media to stay updated.

What are the main characteristics that differentiate your tracks than others. What are your focus points when producing?

Genre-agnosticism. We believe that every genre has its perfect moment, of course we have our lane and signature sound, but we’re not constricted by traditional classifications of music. Also looking at the big picture while producing; like how the track can be incorporated into our sets in the future, because that is something very important for us.

What do Dish Dash do when not working on music?

When we’re not working on music, we’re working with music! Either travelling around for different gigs, or doing consultations for promoters, DJs and brands in Saudi that are looking to elevate their sound.

Since I mentioned times spent outside of music, you are also brothers. How does it feel to work with someone from your family?

It’s a blessing in meaning of the word, even though we argue like every sibling in the entire world. We couldn’t possibly imagine doing this with anyone else.

What would be the point in time when you would say: “We made it!”

The first “we made it” moment was in 2019. We got to share big stages like MDLBEAST and White Oasis with a bunch of famous international acts. But our ambition has no end, we acknowledge and enjoy our accomplishments, but we don’t settle, it is always onto the next goal.

You shared the stage with Chelina Manuhutu at Desert Sound’s Jeddah F1 Weekend. How was the atmosphere of this signature event and you being there to play?

The atmosphere, the timing, the music, everything came together perfectly. Chelina is an incredible artist and we had been wanting to share a stage with her for some time, and there couldn’t have been a better weekend than F1.


Follow Dish Dash here to keep up with the newest updates, listen to the duo's latest single “Daze” below.

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