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Dj Tomer & Ricardo: ‘Afro House empowers underrepresented voices and showcases the richness of African culture’

We caught up with Dj Tomer & Ricardo to talk about the first single from their upcoming album, the concept behind the album, musical influences, studio setup, and more

  • 13 June 2023

Back in 2019, Dj Tomer & Ricardo have joined forces to create original Afro House productions and collaborate with some of the most talented singers in the industry. The duo has rapidly established itself as a leading voice in the Afro House World with releases on Connected Frontline, Deep Root Tribe, Hurry Up Slowly, and more.

This time around Dj Tomer & Ricardo present the first single from their upcoming album “Echoes” which will be released on My Other Side of The Moon in July. The first single from the album titled “Zulu” features a talented singer & songwriter Kyaku Kyadaff. The track has already seen the early support of Black Coffee, Themba, Djeff, BBC Radio 1.

We caught up with Dj Tomer & Ricardo to talk about the single, the concept behind the album, musical influences, studio setup, and more.

Hey guys! It’s nice to meet you. What’s been on your mind lately?

Dj Tomer & Ricardo: Plenty of things. Besides our families and the regular business, we are 100% focused on our music and how to continue to bring more new and innovative ideas to the music industry and stand out. We are dedicated to our listeners.

Congrats on the release of your new single “Zulu”. This is the first single from your upcoming LP “Echoes” on My Other Side of The Moon. What was your experience working on this record?

Dj Tomer & Ricardo: It has been nothing short of incredible. Engaging with immensely talented artists has been an exhilarating experience, pushing us to reinvent ourselves on every track. We embarked on a mission to explore new realms of rhythm and sound design, leading us to uncharted territories within our minds. While there were moments of nervousness, the overall process was an absolute blast, filled with excitement.

You have worked with the talented singer/songwriter Kyaku Kyadaff on this track. How did you connect, and what was the process for you working together?

Dj Tomer & Ricardo: From the moment we got hold of Kyaku, our collaboration began to take shape. We engaged in a continuous back-and-forth, fine-tuning the track until one day, a concept recording arrived on Whatsapp. Though unofficial, it instantly captured our hearts and brought sheer joy as we realized we had to see this project through to the very end. Not long after we received the final and magical vocal recordings from Kyaku and his choir which was mind-blowing, to say the least. And this is how Zulu was born.

Your new album “Echoes” will be released on My Other Side of The Moon in July. Can you tell us more about the concept of this project and what other collaborations we can expect to see on the album?

Dj Tomer & Ricardo: When My Other Side Of The Moon approached us about producing an album we gave it a thought and the moment we accepted the request we decided to continue a tradition of bringing unique artists from different parts of the world. The album involved artists from 6 different states around the world: Kawtar Sadik from Morocco, Jordan Arts from South Africa, Kyaku Kyadaff who is from Congo, Index Nuul Kukk from Senegal, Maayan Sharabi from Israel, and Mei-Tar from NYC. Adding to that we have Badbox, Eran Hersh, and That Kid Chris with outstanding explosive remixes. We think it is extremely important to show gratitude by using the platform with other artists, to lift and be lifted.

What are some musical influences that you believe have shaped your sound?

Dj Tomer & Ricardo: At the heart of our music the goal is Afro-house. One of our biggest inspirations in the industry is Black Coffee, and we are grateful for his support. We are very driven by our roots, tracing back to our childhood in the 70s and forth on. We explore the 80s deep synth vibe, meticulously crafting each bass line, Arp, pad, and sound effect with layers of frequencies. The percussion and rhythm patterns are completely homemade and originally designed. The result is a unique, high-quality sound that combines retro and modern elements. We're grateful for the positive reactions our music elicits, as it showcases our flavours that resonate with people.

What does your studio setup look like?

Dj Tomer & Ricardo: We use two different systems. Tomer has to travel. He cannot take a full-on studio with him so he uses his laptop while on the go. I, myself, have a Workstation with world-leading top of the line plugins. We go back and forth with the grooves and sound design until a track is born.

Where can people expect to see you performing during the summer?

Dj Tomer: I will be touring from my home-base New York City to Montreal, Ibiza, India, Russia, Israel, and many more locations in development.

What else do you have coming up in 2023 that we should be looking out for?

Dj Tomer & Ricardo: In no specific order, We have quite a few projects coming up with Tina Ador and connected Records, Ahmed Sosso in collaboration with Gil Bokobza through Aluku Records, Cisco Desol, and Zipho with KitiSuru. At the moment in the works a track with Zoya, Kyaku, and Ahmed Sosso as well as a collaboration with Shimza Featuring Mei-Tar. In general, we have 7 tracks in the works right now.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer our questions, is there anything else you would like to mention before we go?

Dj Tomer & Ricardo: Yes! Music unites the world. We feel Afro-House transcends borders, celebrating African heritage and captivating hearts globally. We love that this genre empowers underrepresented voices and showcases the richness of African culture. It is a powerful force, breaking down barriers and reminding us of music's unifying power. We are grateful and proud to be a part of the genre.


Dj Tomer & Ricardo feat. Kyaku Kyadaff - Zulu is out now on My Other Side of The Moon


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