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Dominik Gehringer: ‘The key is persistence’

We sat down with Dominik Gehringer to discuss his latest single, the inspiration behind his work, the evolution of his sound and his journey from football to electronic music

  • 19 February 2024

In the rapidly evolving landscape of electronic music, young Czech producer and DJ Dominik Gehringer emerges as a beacon of innovation and talent. At the tender age of 23, Dominik has already carved a niche for himself in the melodic techno and house genres, demonstrating a profound musical depth that belies his years. His journey from a budding musician to an international sensation has been nothing short of remarkable, with standout performances at prestigious stages such as the ADE Songspire Records event in Amsterdam, cementing his status as a significant figure on the dance music scene. Regular appearances in renowned Czech and Slovak clubs, alongside top local DJs, have further established Dominik as the most promising young talent in the Czech music arena.

Dominik's affiliation with Nora En Pure's Purified label has been a pivotal chapter in his burgeoning career, enabling him to deliver hit records that resonate widely across the electronic music community. His tracks, celebrated on the stages of Tomorrowland, Lollapalooza, DayTrip LA and Ibiza, often by Nora En Pure herself, underscore his rising prominence. Moreover, the support from global DJs like Tinlicker, Martin Garrix, Sultan & Shepard and Rodg highlights the industry's recognition of his skill and potential. Now that Dominik's new single “Strange World” has been unveiled on Purified Records, the release is already being hailed as a significant addition to his remarkable discography, marking another milestone in his flourishing career.

How did the idea of producing electronic music come to you? Do you have a background in music?

Honestly, I'm not sure why I gravitated towards electronic music. I was heavily involved in football, even playing for the national team under 16, and I was on track to become a professional player. However, everything changed when I fell ill one day and stumbled upon a YouTube video of someone making music. Until then, I had never been exposed to music production. That video caught my attention, and I thought, "Wow, this is fascinating." So, I downloaded FL Studio and started experimenting with creating hip-hop beats. This was because a classmate from secondary school, who was a singer and rapper, encouraged me to try making music. He even brought me to a studio for the first time. Seeing the studio setup was a revelation for me; I knew then that I wanted to make music. That's when my focus shifted towards music, and I began producing melodic house and melodic techno.

When did you started producing and then when did you decide to make this like a really professional journey?

Maybe when I posted some videos on on the Instagram and Facebook and people were like, they were saying like, it's really good. So I started producing more and more and I was in the studio almost every day. And then I don't know how I released on some labels. And the promoter started booking me. And yeah, that's how I started, firstly with producing and then later DJing. I believe it was in 2018 when I signed my first EP. At that time, I was working on some harder music. It was Neele Records, based in Germany. After that, I released “Solar Collector”, which became quite successful in the Czechia and Slovakia. It was my second EP, and even big DJs played it. Following that, I connected with Purified Records. I was fortunate enough to sign with them after sending my demos to them. They responded, liked my work, and that's how I began my journey with them.

What inspired the specific sound of your music? Beyond wanting to produce melodic house, what drove the exact sound you've created? Did you use reference tracks to shape your sound?

Initially, I simply sat at the computer and made music. My inspiration seemed to come from space or somewhere abstract — I was just playing melodies, and it all flowed naturally. As I delved deeper into music, I began exploring other artists' work, drawing inspiration from them to evolve my sound.

How is the electronic music scene in Prague? I understand that when you began, you had some connections inviting you to gigs. Prague is renowned for its beauty, but I'm curious about its electronic music scene. Beyond hotel and cafe DJs, how is the professional DJing scene, particularly for those aiming to build a career in it? Are there well-known DJs in Prague you've connected with?

In my style, there are very few DJs, maybe two or three at most. The real issue is the scarcity of producers, which means the scene isn't very strong here. It might just be me, or perhaps we are two in the Czechia, releasing music on notable labels within this genre.

Do you believe that signing with these major labels has increased your visibility locally?

Absolutely, yes. Nora En Pure, who is extremely popular in Czechia and Slovakia, is a leading figure in this style, so her influence significantly aided me. My bookings increased substantially, and people began to recognise that I was releasing music under this label.

Regarding your new single “Strange World”, is there a particular message you wish to convey through it, or was the title simply chosen?

The core melody originates from Push's “Strange World”. It essentially serves as a remake and has been released under Purified Records. An interesting tidbit is that it initially came out in 2001, the same year I was born. Now, 23 years later, I'm bringing out this special remix.

What prompted you to choose this track for a remake?

I was drawn to it because it had become an anthem within the trance scene. It really resonated with me when I first heard it about a year ago.

What considerations did you have in mind while crafting this track, and what were your goals?

That's a good question. My intention was to create something innovative and refreshing, yet rooted in the essence of the classic sounds from the old town. My aim was to bridge these two eras and blend them into my current sound. I believe the result aligns well with this vision.

Lately, remakes seem to be gaining popularity, with artists even delving into very old tracks. Are you considering making more remakes?

Yes, but I don't want to be pegged solely as a producer known for remakes. Perhaps I'll release something of the sort once a year. I'm also planning a special remake from Groove Armada—a track I fondly remember playing to while engaging in FIFA at around 11 or 12 years old, back in 2012. So, I'll be working on that one later.

Are you contemplating more live performances as well?

Definitely, yes. I have experience playing live, particularly with harder beats, about three years ago. I'm planning to perform live again, especially once I have some solid releases like "Strange World." However, it's crucial that the venue and other logistics are adequately prepared for us.

For artists aspiring to get signed by these labels, what advice would you offer?

That's a tough question. Navigating this path can be challenging. From my own journey, which I navigated a few years back, the key is persistence — continuously creating music, submitting it to labels, and establishing connections. It's crucial to engage with the right people in the label. For instance, if someone is aiming to get signed by Purified, they could send me their track. If it resonates, I could facilitate an introduction to the label. Building relationships with label representatives is essential.

How many hours do you dedicate to your music daily?

I'm in the studio almost every day, except for weekends, but it really depends on my mood. From Monday to Friday, I'm at home, which gives me the flexibility to work whenever inspiration strikes, even if that's at 1 a.m. On average, I spend about five to six hours daily working on music, experimenting with new ideas.

Is there a specific place in the Middle East where you would like to perform?

I'm open to performing in any country there; each would be unique since it would be my first time. My initial dream in music, which continues to this day, is to travel with my music, exploring new countries and cultures.


Take a listen to Dominik Gehringer's latest single “Strange World” below and follow him here to keep up with the latest updates.

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