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Anis Hachemi and SIN TEK: A tale of two musical identities

The Qatar producer has released a collaborative remix with Alex Kaspersky for Oliver Marshak and VisualGiant’s ‘Midnight Symphony’. We caught up with SIN TEK to talk about his latest project on Dear Deer

  • 6 August 2023

1- Can you share some insights about the process and how you approached remixing this particular track?

Immediately, Alex Kaspersky texted me about the idea and we had the idea to go in a new direction, given SIN TEK passion for Detroit techno and electro.

2- Your remix is at number 2 at the moment on Beatport's Electro Top 10 chart. How does it feel to achieve such recognition, and how do you plan to use this momentum in your future work?

It's a significant achievement! Since it's our first-ever electro track, we didn't expect it to reach top 2, but it's fantastic. We intend to leverage this momentum in our future projects, collaborating on more exciting ventures.

3- How do you balance your work as Anis Hachemi and as SIN TEK? What are the differences you see in your creative process when working under these two musical identities?

Anis is mainly more focused on Afro, tech house, and indie dance genres. It's a mix of everything, including jazz. On the other hand, SIN TEK is more purist, exploring electro to Detroit techno with influences from jazz and Detroit sounds.

4- When did you decide to create an alter ego in the form of SIN TEK, and how has this decision impacted your career and personal development as a musician?

SIN TEK has been my main alias since 2007, but I took a break from it due to personal reasons. There's a story behind it that I might share someday. Creating this alter ego has shaped my artistic identity, allowing me to explore different musical styles and expand my horizons as a musician.

5- Could you tell us about some of your major influences and how they have shaped your sound as both Anis Hachemi and SIN TEK?

As Anis Hachemi and SIN TEK, my major influences include the artists like DJ Mourad, Deetron, Africa Bambatta, Detroit in Effect, Derrick May and mostly Underground Resistance. These influences have significantly shaped my sound, both in terms of Afro, tech house, indie dance as Anis and the purist electro to Detroit techno with jazz influences as SIN TEK.

6- Given the diverse range of music you produce and DJ, how do you keep your sound fresh and innovative while staying true to your artistic identity?

I constantly explore various music genres without any reservations, seeking to enhance my knowledge and draw from each genre's strengths to create a more balanced and innovative sound that remains true to my artistic identity.

7- To you, what is the importance of collaborating when making music?

Collaborating is primarily about having fun, making friends and sharing the passion for music. It brings fresh perspectives, new ideas, and exciting energy to the creative process.

8- Can you give some information about the conditions and trends in your local scene? And how do you see the potential of the region in a broader perspective?

I am based in Qatar, and I can see a new generation of talented DJ and producers emerging here. While the local scene shows promise, there's still a need for more collaboration and support among artists in the region to further boost its potential on a broader scale.

9- What software and hardware do you frequently use in your studio?

I mainly use Ableton Live software, but thanks to my good friend Hamad Al Obaidly, a master modular artist and the front man of our Collective Overlap, I also integrate a lot of hardware into my studio setup.

10- What can we expect from both Anis Hachemi and SIN TEK in the future? Are there any exciting projects or collaborations that you can share with us?

We have a big project coming soon, and I am incredibly grateful for it. As always, I look forward to collaborating with my good friends Bidlee, DJ Emir, Alex Kaspersky, and it's an absolute honour to work with Tarek Yamani, the great jazzman, on some exciting new ventures.


Listen to the ‘Time Bomb & Midnight Symphony’ EP below.

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