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Spotlight Series: Bazzzuk

We got Analog Room resident DJ and Dancewerk party series co-founder Bazzzuk to contribute to our Spotlight Series with Little Pink Book

  • 31 July 2023

The esteemed resident of Analog Room and the visionary co-founder behind the euphoric Dancewerk series, Bazzzuk joins Mixmag MENA and Little Pink Book's Spotlight Series with a mix serving as a testament to her remarkable rise and undeniable talent.

Her mixes, an enchanting fusion of bumpy rhythms, groovy undertones, and a tantalising touch of spice, create an intoxicating dancefloor experience that unites souls and sets hearts ablaze. Drawing inspiration from an eclectic array of musical maestros, from the legendary Wu-Tang Clan to the visionary K Hand, Bazzzuk's boundless passion for music radiates from the DJ booth, igniting an infectious fervor amongst the crowd.

Speaking from her own experience, one of the emerging artists of the UAE scene, Bazzzuk offers advice to women pursuing a career in music: “I believe the best advice I can give based on my own experience is that women (or men :) ) should just give it a try. There is no guarantee you'll be successful at it, booked all the time, or get a residency anywhere, but at least you would fulfil a long-time dream to be behind the booth and feel the energy of the dance floor from the other side! It is so incredible and inspiring when you share your latest finds you dug for days/weeks or long-time favourites and then see an audience invested and happy to experience it with you. The main mind block that was stopping me from trying to DJ was ‘There are so many great DJs around, what can I bring to this scene that's already so overwhelmed’. The answer is - probably nothing too different musically, BUT you can bring special energy based on your background, personal taste & most importantly your unique vibe that can't be compared to any other DJ.”

Listen to Bazzzuk’s Spotlight Series mix below and follow her on Instagram to keep up with the latest updates.

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