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Spotlight Series: Saliah

Saliah presents a tantalising glimpse into the extensive range and dynamism she infuses into every performance with her vibrant genre-blending mix, showcasing several of her creatively crafted remixes

  • 29 June 2023

Mixmag MENA and Little Pink Book's Spotlight Series welcomes the next luminary, Saliah, a British-Lebanese multi-genre music producer and DJ who is swiftly capturing attention within the global music scene. She is renowned for her electrifying stage presence and an exceptional talent for curating an enticing selection of tunes, and just last year, graced stages at Glastonbury and made her debut on Boiler Room, two monumental moments that solidified her place within the industry. It's no surprise that Play Virtuoso swiftly earmarked her as one of their 'Ones to watch', too.

Saliah's DJ sets are nothing short of an exhilarating ride; they're renowned for their high-energy intensity, incorporating an eclectic mix of club sounds that are seamlessly woven together. The distinct flair in her sets comes from her innovative remixes of Arabic classics, presenting them in a new light while paying homage to her roots.

Her prowess as a DJ and music producer has led her to support award-winning acts such as MOBO recipient Lady Leshurr and BBC Introducing's Miss Melody. She's shared stages with an impressive roster of artists including Omar Souleyman, Shkoon, Hello Psychaleppo, Ammar 808, and the legendary Jazzy Jeff.

Yet, Saliah’s commitment extends beyond her own music. She’s deeply invested in giving back to her community, supporting grassroots organizations, and educating future generations of DJs through her workshops. With every beat and mix, Saliah is not just making music but also nurturing a vibrant, inclusive, and forward-thinking community.

Speaking from their own experiences, Saliah offers advice to women pursuing a career in music: "My advice for women wanting to start DJing is with an entry-level controller and YouTube tutorials. If you can find a local studio that teaches DJing workshops on professional-grade equipment, then I would balance the two options. Think carefully about whether you want to be a multi-genre DJ or stick to being an expert in one genre. The industry is not for the faint-hearted, especially for women. Do what makes you happy and don’t mould into what’s expected of you. Your passion for something will show and that’s more valuable to you as it has more longevity in your career. Have a great support network around you, sometimes you have to make sacrifices for that to happen. Do regular check-ins with yourself. Ask if you’re okay if what you’re doing is true to who you are, and if the goalposts are still the same as they were 3 months ago. I give all of this advice lightly, nothing is easy and nothing is perfect including you. So don’t expect yourself to be. Part of the bravery and beauty of being an artist is the vulnerability to show something you believe in. Keep doing you."

Listen to Saliah’s Spotlight Series mix below.

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