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The boundary-pushing journey of Black Rose

The creator of Black Rose Recordings Ciro Acciarino details it all

  • 6 July 2022

Where to begin to describe Ciro Acciarino. The co-owner of Black Rose Recordings, a new Naples based label dedicated to new sounds; Acciarino pushes the boundaries in the industry with a true appreciation towards the edm & techno culture. Partners in the rapid rise of the melodic house & techno label Ciro Acciarino and Erly Tepshi spread a taste of their sound through Middle East even through war pushing the boundaries to an extent not a single soul has dared to before. A way to sustain a culture.

Your passion for music started as a 13 year old. The electronic sounds of house music and progressive techno shaped the identity of your musical ideas. How were you initially introduced to electronic music? What led you to pursue this career?

I was more or less 13 when I stepped into house music. I would visit a friend nearby who lived on the ground floor, go by the window and listen to his music. It became a passion. It is through a well known Neapolitan radio broadcast that I became invested in various DJ's and mixes. Quickly so, it turned into a culture as much a passion.

Here in Naples, an "Angels Of Love" party would be curated at least twice a month. Not only the Neapolitans but the majority of the Italian population witnessed Frankie Knuckles, Louie Vega, Roger Sanchez, Carl Cox and such memorable names. I turned 16 and witnessed Roger Sanchez on a night of "Angels Of Love". Sanchez triggered that deep sense of love I had already tasted over the 'house' culture. Then, I even tried to pass it on around. A birthday would be celebrated either over at a friends or in a small place outside and no doubt I'd be there to create an "Angels Of Love" night of my own with an hour and 30 minutes long CD.

It has been a lifelong goal to create your own record label. After years spent in the upper echelons of Neapolitan club culture as a promoter, the dream has manifested itself in Black Rose Recordings.Can you take us back to your trajectory from the club culture to Erly Tepshi and Black Rose recordings. Can you share some memorable and career defining experiences that identified you as Ciro Acciarino today?

I've had a unique vision, designated not only towards the scene in Naples but the dance floors around the globe. To artists, the dance floor is critical. Without the people to dance, there's no space to spread your music. I desire it to be a heritage. Followed by a busy week, the dance floor should be the place to put a smile on the stressed gazes and reset the crowd towards the upcoming days. Nevertheless, this is not at all the case. Artists tend to please themselves neglecting the needs of their crowd. True DJ's always have their heads up and eyes on the floor.

In this case Erly Tepshi is an artist I would refer to as 'complete'. Despite the bond we have and the partnership over 'Black Rose', Tepshi's vision has always been farsighted enough to curate above and beyond. Every time a dance floor seems not 'good' enough, Tepshi presents a remarkable touch.

Two months have passed by our collaborative vision to discover what's new, to begin again with a new identity; metaphorically a new genre being; Melodic Acid Techno.

Black Rose Recordings solidified it's imprint as one of melodic house & techno's most promising labels. How did Black Rose Recordings come to be?

I've had the desire to create a personalised label ever since I invested in the culture. It turned out to be an everyday daydream in the recent years. Lockdown; Nothing to do but to listen to music and have Netflix on, I decided to take a shower and threw a gaze over the tattoo I have of two roses.

Erly was the first to hear the initial thoughts in that very moment. I wanted him to be a part o this journey; kindly enough and non-hesitant he became a partner. 'Black Rose' came to be on the 28th of March 2020. We've shared every single moment and detail ever since.

Since a true black rose is impossible to find in nature, it emphasises on utmost devotion and exclusivity in a relationship, represent tragic romance, that at the same time is beautiful and sad. Can you elaborate on what Black Rose is about? What's the inspiration behind the labels name and aesthetics?

Roses have been special to me. A perfect gift for the person in your heart yet, not expressive enough it seems. A Black Rose on the other hand is unique, impossible in nature thus; the perfect combination of elegance, rarity and romance. We will continue to do our best to keep up with the identity and the ideals of our label.

Impressive and noticeable to be, Black Rose elevated the electronic music scene in Syria during the times of war. Can you shed a light upon the conceptual, creative and productional processes putting an emphasis on your impressions? We'd like to know more about your thoughts upon the rising electronic music scene through Middle East?

Wow. Middle East is a favourite of mine and there's a lot to talk about.

We've curated parties through Middle East. They dance to the sun rise; true ravers they are. Incredible moments and one of the most beautiful experiences I've been through no doubt.

Erly Tepshi was the first international artist to perform, post the incredibly dark ten years the region has witnessed. People thought I was insane to confirm the event. With a big smile followed by the Syria and Lebanon events, they were the one being delirious to ever imagine wrong. They could not imagine how mesmerising the city of Damascus is, the energy on the dance floor. I hope to repeat soon.

As an experienced promoter and entrepreneur, what's in the future for the electronic music industry? What's ahead of Black Rose?

Electronic music is on the rise; I believe in the changes and revolutions within the industry. As I've mentioned to Erly recently; I seek change, to discover what's new. On the pipeline is an EP revolved around a mix of new sounds and the creation of a Melodic Acid Techno. It is a 4 track EP with a track dedicated to me titled 'Crio'. Stay tuned!

Do you have any advice you wish you'd been given as a young music enthusiast and promoter?

I tell friends, promoters and especially artists to follow their heart.

To promoters, I advice to not only promote mainstream names but to shed a light upon all skilled artists who deserve a platform.

To artists, be 100% present in the studio and create with your heart. Music is a real career, not a place to stage ego. It is a heritage to be respected.


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