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Timeless Albums: Laurent Garnier – ‘Unreasonable Behaviour’

A 12-track electronica concerto

  • 11 August 2022

"Unreasonable Behaviour" has an inevitable cinematic appeal. Created by no other than Laurent Garnier's potent vision. A 12-track electronica concerto.

By the time he was ten, his bedroom looked like a nightclub. When switched on, lights hovered across the bedroom ceiling and walls. He dreamt of one thing: to make people dance. Used to be a waiter in the French Embassy in London, the artist witnessed the euphoric acid-house movement in Manchester too. Garnier is a pioneer in the dance music scene. The memoir is an 'objet d'art'.

Garnier's been making people dance. The artist came to fore with unique productions too. Released in 1997, the acclaimed and award-winner album "30" can be a testament. Followed by the enormous response and back-to-back performances, Garnier returned to produce, "Unreasonable Behaviour".

It's inexplicable and euphonious. For there's a combination of genres and sub-genres the artist has reposed. An abundance to all perimeters. Nevertheless, we unite with the perceptive implications within the composition.

Sirens attributed to "The Warning" are anesthetic. It is the abstruse metropolis sense that enrolls through the sirens. Melancholic. Apocalyptic too. This is "City Sphere" and it befits the name. With its daunted and reclusive aura emerges "Forgotten Thoughts". Pleasant and chaotic. An epitome of nostalgia-driven current turmoils. A marvelous electronica. Then "The Sound of the Big Babou"; four-on-the-floor-beat, hi-hats and deep bass. A peak techno masterpiece. "The Man With the Red Face" belongs to a boundless status in the modern electronic music scene. "Dangerous Drive", "Greed (Pt. 1+2)" and "Last Tribute from the 20th Century" are amongst the distinct.

This eternal harmonic composition is a relatable one too. "Unreasonable Behavior" will trigger senses, perhaps even release what has never been. Treasure it.

Listen to Laurent Garnier's 2000 album "Unreasonable Behaviour" below.

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