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​15-year-old Twitch streamer goes viral for throwing ‘Pyro raves’ in his bedroom

The teenager’s bedroom raves feature strobe lights, flames, and smoke cannons

  • 10 May 2022
​15-year-old Twitch streamer goes viral for throwing ‘Pyro raves’ in his bedroom

A teenage Twitch streamer has gone viral after a clip of the 15-year-old throwing pyro-fuelled bedroom raves emerged on Twitter.

The rave, complete with pyrotechnics including flame cannons, strobe lights, lasers, and 190BPM hardstyle, all takes place from the comfort of the teenager's bedroom.

Going by the stream name Crossmauz, the 15-year-old was pushed into the limelight when a video emerged of him on Twitter, captioned: “Just got killed by this kid on steam mw2 with Twitch in his name and this is what I see”.

The hilarious pyro rave caught hundreds of thousands of eyes with other users digging to find more livestreamed hardstyle parties from the soon-to-be raver.

More chaotic videos have since emerged of the German teen, and while his latest video racked up over 100,000 views on Twitch, the original posted to Twitter now has some 16.7 million.

Crossmauz can also often be seen equipped with a pulse tracker to show Twitch viewers his heart rate during these frantic bedroom raves, often going way beyond 100 beats per minute and sometimes even reaching closer to 200.

Though, the teenager’s newfound fame also saw him being asked to talk about his music taste, with users asking for track names and commemorating his preference for hardstyle.

“This is the best hardstyle track I've ever heard I need this song so bad shazam doesn't work on it I need it” one user complained.

“This kid is living his best life. We should all learn to love life and appreciate the little things like this kid, for real,” said another.

Meanwhile, others saluted his parents and neighbours for putting up with the rapid-fire hardstyle one man raves through the night.