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47SOUL unveil their latest single, “Sghar El Balad”

It is a beautiful example of how haunting their music can be

  • 25 July 2022
47SOUL unveil their latest single, “Sghar El Balad”

Palestinian trio 47SOUL, comprising Tarek Abu Kwaik, Walaa Sbait and Ramzi Suleiman, have released a brand-new single, entitled “Sghar El Balad”.

Meaning “small country” in Arabic, 47SOUL’s new single “Sghar El Balad” is a beautiful example of how haunting their music can be. With the fusion of hip-hop and electronica with Arab-influenced melodies and styles, such as Egyptian shaabi, tantalising dabke beats and Levantine pop music, 47SOUL developed a distinctive genre they call shamstep.

Following a deluge of releases the likes of “Shamstep”, “Mo Light”, “Border Ctrl”, “Shireen” and albums such as “Balfron Promise” and “Semitics”, this culmination of years of experimentation and creativity now comes to a head with the arrival of “Sghar El Balad”.

47SOUL’s sources of inspiration in their sound span the Arabophone world and is often used to describe many types of rural music which is set to electronic music now. “Sghar El Balad” and preceding 47SOUL releases are a great introduction to dabke music for the uninitiated, even though their inventiveness is obviously best appreciated with understanding of Arabic and of dabke's musical norms.

The trio’s new single is out via Arab Drumz. Check it out below.

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