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AC55ID: A fresh alternative to Bandcamp with 100% artist profits

“Every day is Bandcamp Friday at AC55ID,” declares the CEO of the new music marketplace

  • 21 March 2024
AC55ID: A fresh alternative to Bandcamp with 100% artist profits

AC55ID, pronounced as 'A C fifty-five I D', has unveiled its digital music marketplace and community space to nurture a fair setting for indie electronic musicians and labels.

AC55ID's business model pivots on a monthly subscription fee, with artists paying $10 and labels $29. This approach grants them unlimited access to a suite of services including event scheduling, digital downloads and particularly, a free-of-charge fulfillment center for vinyl and merchandise. The platform's use of blockchain technology ensures that transactions remain transparent, secure and immutable.

The inspiration behind AC55ID's inception comes from the success of Bandcamp Fridays, a concept where the platform waived its revenue share on the first Friday of each month. James, the CEO of AC55ID, emphasised in a statement on Attack Magazine that they've extended this concept to every day, allowing artists and labels to consistently keep all their earnings. “We’ve taken this idea a step further by consistently guaranteeing artists and labels an unprecedented 100% of their earnings. Our pledge covers all digital and physical sales through its marketplace, aiming to foster a fairer ecosystem for independent creators. At AC55ID, it’s Bandcamp Friday every day.”

AC55ID not only undercuts Bandcamp with its competitive pricing but also enriches the user experience with its unique offerings like on-demand vinyl pressing. This service includes an eco-friendly option—Bio Vinyl, a petroleum-free PVC made from cooking oil, underscoring AC55ID's commitment to sustainability.

With endorsements from high-profile labels such as Nechto, managed by Nastia, AC55ID is quickly gaining traction in the electronic music community. The platform promises an equitable ecosystem for its members, backed by a dedicated team passionate about delivering innovative solutions.

As AC55ID continues to grow, it invites artists, labels and music enthusiasts to join its community, promising a fair and transparent marketplace where every day is an opportunity to celebrate and support independent music. For those interested in taking part in this evolving music landscape, AC55ID's doors are open, beckoning a new era of artist empowerment and sustainable practices in the industry.

For further details and to sign up, visit AC55ID's site here.

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