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Apple unveils Vision Pro AR headset, opening the door to a new era of immersive experiences

Apple's high-end goggles introduce a magical world of virtual and augmented reality applications

  • 5 June 2023
Apple unveils Vision Pro AR headset, opening the door to a new era of immersive experiences

Apple has finally revealed the highly anticipated Vision Pro AR headset at WWDC 2023, putting an end to years of speculation and leaks. This cutting-edge device promises to revolutionise the way we experience virtual and augmented reality.

Designed to support both AR and VR applications, the Vision Pro is a standalone headset that eliminates the need for a separate controller. Utilising advanced external sensors and cameras, Apple aims to provide a seamless user experience through voice commands and intuitive hand gestures. Moreover, the innovative EyeSight feature allows observers to see the wearer's reactions in real-time using an external display and internal cameras.

Crafted from a custom aluminum alloy for optimal comfort and weight reduction, the Vision Pro features a digital crown for easy adjustment and a versatile headband that accommodates various head sizes. The inclusion of dual-driver audio pods ensures immersive spatial audio. To further enhance portability, the headset incorporates an external battery connected via wire, reducing the overall weight.

Featuring dual ultra-high-definition screens, Apple Vision Pro has the power to turn any room into a private cinema experience, making you feel like you're immersed in a 100-foot-wide screen. Enhanced by an advanced Spatial Audio system, users can indulge in their favourite movies, TV shows, and even breathtaking 3D films. Apple Immersive Video takes the excitement a step further by providing 180-degree high-resolution recordings paired with Spatial Audio, giving users access to a captivating collection of immersive videos that transport them to entirely new realms.

The Vision Pro offers exceptional optics with its proprietary three-element lens and high-resolution micro OLED displays, delivering unparalleled fidelity. Equipped with infrared cameras, LED illuminators, LiDAR, and traditional camera sensors, the device captures detailed depth information and offers precise tracking capabilities. Powered by Apple's Vision OS, backed by the advanced R1 chip and M2 processor, the headset delivers lag-free standalone performance.

With familiar apps like Safari seamlessly integrated, users can enjoy the best of both worlds, interacting with the real environment while accessing virtual content. Apple has also emphasised the Vision Pro's versatility as a collaboration tool, featuring new versions of apps like FaceTime to facilitate remote teamwork.

Adding to its appeal, the Vision Pro incorporates Apple's first 3D camera, enabling users to capture special moments with enhanced depth information. The headset also provides a dedicated video mode, allowing users to adjust the content size according to their preferences. Gaming enthusiasts can indulge in over 100 games from the Apple Arcade library and connect with a PS5 or Xbox controller for an immersive gaming experience.

In an exciting announcement, Apple revealed a partnership with Disney, hinting at forthcoming experiences tailored for the Vision Pro, including enhanced show-watching on Disney+, immersive AR basketball game demos, and more. While some of these features are still in development, Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed that the Disney+ app will be available at the headset's launch.

The Vision Pro is slated to hit the market early next year at a price of $3,499, offering consumers a chance to embark on a transformative journey into the world of immersive technology.

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