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Ashibah drops her first solo release of the year, ‘Changes’

It’s also the debut release on her new imprint Fatima In Trouble

  • 16 May 2023
Ashibah drops her first solo release of the year, ‘Changes’

Revving up for a year full of excitement, Ashibah is back with her first solo offering of the year, 'Changes'. With a deep-rooted passion for house music, she infuses this latest track with her signature blend of throbbing beats and intoxicating rhythms. It's not just another release, 'Changes' also marks the launch of her new imprint, Fatima In Trouble.

The single encapsulates Ashibah's innovative spirit and is a compelling journey, characterised by its pulsating basslines, vibrant synths and Ashibah’s unforgettable vocal flair.

The Danish-Egyptian DJ and producer's unique touch is evident throughout, ensuring 'Changes' as a testament to her versatility and creative prowess. As the debut release on Fatima In Trouble, 'Changes' sets the tone for what fans and followers can expect from her new venture.

“This one is special! ‘Changes’ is a song about letting go and being yourself! Marching to the beat of your own drum when you don’t fit in anyone’s box. Dare to be different and believe in yourself! That’s the story behind this song! It’s from the heart and pure. I hope you enjoy it and connect to it in your own way,” she echoed on her Instagram post.

She is also going on a world tour to celebrate this special release and making stops in Copenhagen, São Paulo, Ibiza, Stockholm and Denver with more cities still to be announced.

Listen to Ashibah’s new single ‘Changes’ below.

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