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Avangart Tabldot gets you ready for ‘Strangest Nights’ with new EP

The 2-track EP is out via SOLIDE

  • 11 November 2022
Avangart Tabldot gets you ready for ‘Strangest Nights’ with new EP

Avangart Tabldot, a trio of childhood friends from Turkey, has released a 2-track EP, entitled ‘Strangest Nights’.

Coming out via the Berlin-based label SOLIDE, the EP feels inextricably linked to the rolling grooves and high-reaching melodies that provide a hair-raising experience with every listen. While the title track features vocals form Berlin-based artist Paul Brenning, the tiro’s solo production, ‘Kindness All Over’, closes the EP on a vivacity-littered high.

Having garnered enthusiastic acclaims from their listeners for their 2021 EP ‘Baladi’, Avangart Tabldot was featured on the 5th volume of the Path Integral compilation series by Frankey & Sandrino’s Sum Over Histories label with their track ‘Chemicals’. The trio also contributed to its 6th volume with another solo tune ‘AHBC’ early this autumn.

Avangart Tabldot's most recent projects, ‘Jaxa’ featured on TAU’s Spektrum 4 compilation and their remix for ‘Deja Vu’ by Liva K, atsou and Starving Yet Full are the ones you need to check out as well.

Listen all below.

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