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Avi Sic is ‘Just Dancing’ on new single

Avi Sic conjures dance floor magic with a groove-Infused new single

  • 7 November 2023
Avi Sic is ‘Just Dancing’ on new single

Avi Sic has released a new single, ‘Just Dancing’, on Buy Now Records.

As a name rapidly becoming synonymous with aural dynamism in the electronic scene, she returns to captivate listeners with her electrifying single. One of the latest outstanding offerings from Sic, it has been released on the French duo Lumberjack’s Buy Now Records, promising to resonate through the airwaves, interlacing the pulsating rhythms of tech house with the electric currents of electro house.

Following a year that saw her churning out hit after hit, the airwaves buzzing with her radio show ‘Late Checkout’, and dance floors set alight with her vibrant presence, Sic proves she’s far from the climax of her crescendo. VIP endorsements have poured in – Showtek, Plastik Funk, and Madison Mars among the illustrious champions – solidifying her status as an emerging powerhouse, whose energetic flourishes in her music are matched only by her boundless, creative spirit.

‘Just Dancing’ greets us with entrancing vocal chops that segue into a surging build-up, adorned with thumping beats that herald the undeniable groove to come. The track then unravels into a symphony of bass and anthemic synths – a testament to Avi Sic's prowess in creating infectious, floor-filling soundscapes. It’s a sonic concoction that brims with funky elements, staggering leads, and the kind of electrifying risers that promise to grip any audience.

With a tension-filled breakdown that seamlessly transitions into a high-voltage drop, 'Just Dancing' is a testament to the power of a well-crafted electronic anthem. The track is an invitation, a call to the dance floor that is bound to be heeded across continents, and an embodiment of what makes Avi Sic’s sound so indelible.

Take a listen to ‘Just Dancing’ below.

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