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Bobby Shann’s long-awaited follow-up album arrives, ‘A.N.P.A – Power Unleashed’

The 17-track project is a follow-up to the artist’s 2020 album, ‘A.N.P.A’

  • 5 June 2024
Bobby Shann’s long-awaited follow-up album arrives, ‘A.N.P.A – Power Unleashed’

Bobby Shann returns with his latest album, ‘A.N.P.A - Power Unleashed’, featuring 17 tracks that promise an immersive musical journey. This new project, a follow-up to his 2020 album ‘A.N.P.A’, draws heavily on Shann’s fascination with the Dragon Ball anime franchise, embedding its themes and characters into bold musical landscapes. Listeners can expect to explore powerful ideas of love, strength, friendship and self-discovery through his innovative soundscapes.

Shann’s production approach incorporates the emotive power of Japanese city pop, blending jazz, funk and pop influences to evoke a nostalgic feel. As an ardent Dragon Ball enthusiast, he has crafted an album that mirrors the series’ nuances and psychological intricacies. With roots in hip-hop and disco, Shann’s penchant for vintage sounds continues to influence his work, demonstrating his confidence in pushing sonic boundaries.

‘A.N.P.A – Power Unleashed’ is a compelling tribute to Dragon Ball, offering a fresh listening experience with each track. The album’s emotive melodies, anthemic details, groovy basslines, and dynamic rhythms showcase Shann’s production prowess. The intricate soundscapes highlight his ability to create unique musical narratives.

Listeners will find themselves on a journey of sonic discovery, with tracks that evolve from bouncy synth lines to punchy leads and animated arpeggiators. Check out ‘A.N.P.A – Power Unleashed’ below.

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