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Burak Yeter has signed to Ultra Records

The announcement comes along with a brand-new single, ‘Low Lonely’

  • 15 April 2023
Burak Yeter has signed to Ultra Records

Ultra Records has announced the signing of the DJ and producer Burak Yeter, along with his new release ‘Low Lonely’ in collaboration with Badscandal and Harddope. This lively track highlights Burak Yeter's characteristic style of combining energetic beats with appealing melodies and lyrics that keep listeners engaged.

Marking the first single released under Burak Yeter's new partnership with Ultra Records, ‘Low Lonely’ establishes the foundation for a dynamic collaboration that aims to introduce fresh and inventive sounds to the electronic dance music scene.

In addition to this promising release, Yeter has an exceptional performance planned. The artist will venture into the skies with an extraordinary DJ set in space this year. This pioneering event is expected to be a remarkable experience, as Burak Yeter brings his signature energy and creativity to a unique performance that challenges conventional limits.

Listen ‘Low Lonely’ below and follow Burak Yeter here to keep an eye out for more details about his forthcoming projects.

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