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New software Chosen Masters is semi-automating music mastering online

Allowing users to master their music online, using semi-automation to “bring music to life”

  • 5 September 2022
New software Chosen Masters is semi-automating music mastering online

Chosen Masters offers artists a simple and cost-effective way to master their music online while also providing them with a variety of high-quality solutions.

Created by Elon Sharar and his team, the software is all online, all on the cloud, and there is no downloading necessary.

Speaking to Mixmag, Chosen Masters’ Elon Sharar explains that their “mastering engine has a signature quality and sound that can’t be found anywhere else at an even lower cost than most competitors”.

“It's easy and fun to use Chosen Masters, all you need to do is sign up and upload your music to get a free demo anytime instantly. Choose from over 40 real-time options from mastering mode and loudness.”

Chosen Masters has recently added LUFS & Warm modes - which both promise to add colour, depth, and variation to users’ music production.

There are a few types of mode that users can use to push the direction of their music, including Airy Mode, Warm Mode, Powerful Mode, and LUFS Mode.

Airy Mode adjustments improve the harmony of the song with the other mastering modes. It generates ethereal, airy high vibrations that have a mystical quality.

Meanwhile, Warm Mode gives the music a warmer, smoother-sounding feel - and Powerful Mode focuses on making music crisp and clear.

LUFS Mode caters for songs for each streaming service, whether it be Spotify or Apple Music, to ensure that the music can be heard to its optimal potential on any digital medium.

The company reiterates that their product is suitable for home producers and “Grammy-Award winning” producers alike, as the software allows for adaptability.

Their online music mastering software is available to use now, and you can try it out for free. Visit Chosen Masters’ website here.

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