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Dyson's air-purifying "Bane" headphones to launch in March 2023

Also fitted with “industry-leading” noise cancelling technology, they will launch in the UK and Ireland in March 2023

  • 25 December 2022
Dyson's air-purifying "Bane" headphones to launch in March 2023

With the constant breathing in of sweat and smoke particles on poorly ventilated dancefloors, DJing probably isn’t the best occupation for your respiratory health.

But if you’re worried about the effects of nightclub air on your lungs, respite will be coming soon — as Dyson has announced the release date and price tag of its new Dyson Zone headphones, which feature a personal air purifier sitting over your nose and mouth.

The company claims that the air filtering system can capture up to 99% of particle pollution, and will also have an app so you can adapt the purifying levels and air quality to your taste.

They will first be available for purchase in China in January, with the original trial taking place in Beijng – its notoriously polluted capital city.

On top of the air-purifier, the headphones will also include “industry-leading” noise cancelling technology, according to the vacuum cleaning manufacturer’s website, as well as “ultra-low” distortion and specially built speaker drivers that deliver a full range of the audio spectrum.

Dyson also claim that the headphones will have over 50 hours of battery life, which rivals the high-end products of competitors such as Samsung and Bose, although this falls dramatically if the air filtration system is turned on.

The company have been developing the product for six years, with tiny motors in each ear cup drawing particles like pollen, dust, bacteria and sulphur dioxide out of the air. They stress however, that the headphones are not for preventing the spread or exposure to Covid-19.

First revealed in March 2022, the somewhat ungainly design has left some people seeing a humorous side to the product, as well as comparisons to Batman villain, Bane.

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