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Fideles return to Afterlife with highly anticipated first release of the year, ‘Night After Night’

The EP includes CamelPhat’s remix touch on the title track

  • 3 March 2023
Fideles return to Afterlife with highly anticipated first release of the year, ‘Night After Night’

Afterlife welcomes back the duo Fideles, who have delivered another mesmerising slice of dance floor elation with their latest EP, ‘Night After Night’. As a longstanding member of the Afterlife family, Fideles have masterfully captured the label's emotive and diverse sound.

The title track, ‘Night After Night’, is inspired by the duo's nightly ventures, travels, performances, and intimate moments. The duo have skillfully translated these experiences into melodies that transcend their unique individual quirks. The track's ominous yet divine sound is enhanced by Be No Rain's ethereal vocals and CamelPhat’s remix touch, adding a soul-stirring dimension to the mix. It has been a fundamental piece in Fideles' performances, making visually impactful appearances in Tale of Us' sets at their Afterlife shows at Printworks London, Zamna Tulum, Brooklyn Mirage New York, OffWeek Barcelona, and beyond. CamelPhat’s version is brimming with vibrancy and highly potent emotional content, showcasing the duo's exceptional talent for crafting a compelling sound.

The second track, ‘Overcome’, is fueled by the emotions that Fideles has picked up from their fans during their performances. It flawlessly relays the overwhelming feelings of unity between the duo and their audience. The track is a melodic escapade that encourages listeners to overcome whatever obstacles stand in their way. With resonating sentimental synth lines, tickling percussion, a lingering shadowy bassline, and a dance floor ready kick, ‘Overcome’ beautifully complements the first track while teasing Fideles' experimental approach.

The ‘Night After Night’ EP is a testament to Fideles' exceptional talent and relentless passion for creating music that speaks to the soul. Listen below.