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Gawdat, Ismail Nosrat and NAILA release summer house anthem ‘For You’

The single blends irresistible beats, captivating melodies and powerful vocals

  • 30 June 2024
Gawdat, Ismail Nosrat and NAILA release summer house anthem ‘For You’

Egyptian duo Gawdat, renowned regional producer Ismail Nosrat and the sensational singer and vocalist NAILA have joined forces to release the highly anticipated summer house track, “For You”.

This electrifying track, released under the DancIn’ record label founded by Gawdat, promises to be the soundtrack of the season, blending irresistible beats, captivating melodies and powerful vocals.

Gawdat is a Cairo-based duo renowned for their unrestrained, feel-good vibes and unmatched live performances. Known for their unique sound that merges 90s and early 2000s musical influences with contemporary house beats, Gawdat, comprising Aly and Abdel Rahman Gawdat, have recently released their debut release, a two-track solo EP titled “BOUNCE”.

A masterful producer and diversified hitmaker, Ismail Nosrat has an innovative approach to music production, blending regional sounds with global trends. His contribution to “For You” adds a fresh house blend to their groovy baselines and high-energy melodies.

International sensation NAILA is celebrated for her powerful and soulful voice that transcends genres and cultures. Her contribution to “For You” adds an emotional depth and anthemic quality that elevates the track to new heights.

Founded by Gawdat, DancIn’ is dedicated to promoting groovy and groundbreaking music in the electronic dance genre. DancIn’ aims to become a hub for creative talent, fostering collaborations and releasing tracks that push the boundaries of feel-good electronic music.

Listen to “For You” below.

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