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GoodMostlyBad releases new 3-track EP, ’Shawty 3.0’

The EP was released on UK label Scuffed Recordings

  • 9 February 2023
GoodMostlyBad releases new 3-track EP, ’Shawty 3.0’

GoodMostlyBad, the Indian-born now Qatar-based producer and DJ, has released her highly-anticipated EP ‘Shawty 3.0’ on Scuffed Recordings. GoodMostlyBad, who has been making waves in the music industry since her debut in 2020, has been steadily rising to the forefront of the club scene with her unique sound that pulls from a variety of contemporary club genres, including hip hop, afrobeats, dancehall, and grime.

GoodMostlyBad has already made her mark with her tracks appearing on multiple compilations from esteemed labels such as Daytimers, Earful of Wax, and Reel Long Overdub, as well as with her self-released projects and DJ gigs on Rinse FM, Balamii, Reprezent, and her own residency on New Delhi’s Boxout FM.

The ‘Shawty 3.0’ EP is a continuation of the artist’s sound, which defies definition but creates throbbing grooves and dark, intense atmospheres. The three new tracks on the EP showcase her production skills, which are just as suited to headphone sessions as they are to chugging club sets.

‘Shawty 3.0’ EP, comprising three solo tracks, is available now. Check it out below.

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