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Dive into the depths of “cinematic techno” with Haffenfold’s new EP, ‘Fera’

The EP is the duo’s third release of the year following ‘Imposter’ and ‘Fallen’

  • 27 April 2024
Dive into the depths of “cinematic techno” with Haffenfold’s new EP, ‘Fera’

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Haffenfold have returned with a luminous dispatch from the deeper realms of electronic music, with their latest EP, ‘Fera’, released via the New York and Mexico City-based label Akumandra.

Known for their distinctive approach to melodic techno, the duo describe their sound as “cinematic techno”, a style that they not only perform but curate, evidenced by a regularly updated Spotify playlist that features artists who embody this emotionally charged style.

‘Fera’ is a collection that seamlessly melds the grit of analog techno with the allure of melodic progressions, capturing the essence of what Haffenfold has dubbed their “dancefloor odyssey”. The EP is a masterclass in duality, exploring the intense synergy between rough, pulsating beats and the hypnotic, cinematic sweeps that give the duo their signature sound.

The duo consisting of Karel Chladek and David De Sousa, born from a friendship with roots deeply embedded in a shared passion for the transformative power of music, continue to challenge the conventional boundaries of electronic genres. Their fresh two-tracker is emblematic of their journey — a sonic exploration where each track serves as a narrative chapter, leading listeners through a landscape of sound that is as expansive as it is emotionally profound.

Alongside the lead track ‘Fera’, the EP includes another original cut titled ’Survol’. Take a listen to the ‘Fera’ EP below, buy/stream it on your favourite platforms here.

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