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Hassan Abou Alam’s latest EP ‘Shalfata’ is a bold foray into experimental soundscapes

The EP, reexploring the artist’s affinity for experimental music, includes remixes from 3Phaz, Joaquin Cornejo, TRAKA and ZULI

  • 21 January 2024
Hassan Abou Alam’s latest EP ‘Shalfata’ is a bold foray into experimental soundscapes

In the realm of electronic music where innovation is the currency, Hassan Abou Alam’s latest EP, titled ‘Shalfata’ stands out as an embodiment of creative audacity.

Known for his noise-oriented style that seamlessly blends dark ambient with the evocative vocals of various collaborators, Abou Alam’s latest EP reexplores his affinity for experimental music.

Transitioning from his well-established functional dance music, which has seen acclaimed releases since his debut in the early 2010s, the artist has cultivated a reputation as a multifaceted act. His influences, ranging from jungle and IDM to grime, have shaped a distinctive sound. ‘Shalfata’ marks a departure from his previously straightforward arrangements, showcasing a more liberated, spontaneous approach.

Alongside the opening title track ‘Shalfata’, the EP includes three more original cuts; ‘Mage in a Rage’, ‘Te3ebt’ and ‘Magwood’. As the title track has been remixed by 3Phaz, ‘Magwood’ has two reinterpretations by Joaquin Cornejo and TRAKA. On the other hand, the task of remixing ‘Te3ebt’ has been undertaken by ZULI.

A release note by Hassan Abou Alam himself reads: “Shalfata is an Arabic word that can roughly translate to many words depending on how it is used in a sentence. Shalfata can mean messy, splattered and sloppy. This release marks my 5th EP out in the world, and I’m really happy with the outcome. The music on this EP comes from a special place - I hope you enjoy it.”

Hassan Abou Alam, a notable musical talent from Egypt, has been consistently releasing his music since 2008 across various labels, including Naive, Rhythm Section, Casa Voyager and Needs.

Over the last more than a decade, Hassan has extensively experimented with his equipment, resulting in numerous live performances. His sound, elusive yet distinctive, merges both analog and digital instruments, creating carefully constructed sound maelstrom that he skillfully executes with remarkable precision.

The ‘Shalfata’ EP is available on digital and vinyl via YUKU. Check it out below.

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