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Hotboxx remixes AbueKev and Guti Legatto’s ‘The Prophecy’

The release also includes a remix from R Frederick

  • 1 March 2024
Hotboxx remixes AbueKev and Guti Legatto’s ‘The Prophecy’

DJ/producer Hotboxx is back, this time with a formidable remix of AbueKev and Guti Legatto’s ‘The Prophecy’, dropped under the Original Label.

It kicks off with a shuffled beat and an energising vibe, quickly unfolding into a rich array of sound. With its intricate synth lines and acid pads, the remix continuously ramps up in intensity, infusing the original track with Hotboxx's distinctive groove and flair.

This collaboration marks yet another chapter in Hotboxx's partnership with producer and Original Label head AbueKev. Their previous collaborations include Hotboxx's EP ‘That's Right’, featuring an AbueKev remix of the lead track, and the acclaimed EP ‘Wanna Know Sumething About Ya’, alongside Vampire Sex, released under Original. Now, joining forces once again, this time with the talented Guti Legatto, they captivate their audience with this latest project again.

The three-track release includes also a remix from R Frederick along with the original cut and Hotboxx's remix.

Listen to the remix below, and check out all the tracks here.

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