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Jacob Colon unveils new tech house track, ‘Gotta Prove’

Marking his first release of the year, Jacob Colon's new single follows on from his 2023 track, ‘Show You How It Go’

  • 5 June 2024
Jacob Colon unveils new tech house track, ‘Gotta Prove’

Jacob Colon energises the scene with his new tech house track, entitled ‘Gotta Prove’, released under his label Made To Move Records. This release demonstrates Jacob Colon’s distinctive style, rooted in house music and enriched with Latin influences, delivering beats and grooves that captivate listeners around the globe.

Jacob Colon has been making waves in the scene, gaining recognition with each project, from his studio work to his radio show ‘Made To Move’. His extensive musical background, which spans gospel, jazz and r&b, now informs his dynamic and unique sound. Known for his vibrant and funky vibes, Jacob Colon’s music is always ready for the dancefloor, solidifying his place as an artist to follow.

‘Gotta Prove’ draws listeners in with its high-energy sound, featuring an infectious vocal hook, atmospheric layers, and shuffled rhythms. The track maintains its momentum with a powerful beat and Latin-infused elements that highlight Jacob Colon’s signature touch. Detailed with a sharp synth lead, the dark low end and vocal textures give ‘Gotta Prove’ a rich, full sound.

During the breakdown, Jacob Colon keeps the engagement high with filtered elements and intensifying risers, building up to a drop that brings back the vibrant beat, catchy vocal lines, and melodic riff. ‘Gotta Prove’ puts Jacob Colon’s talent and creativity front and centre, making it a standout in his discography. Experience the energetic and colourful sound of Jacob Colon’s latest track: available now via Made To Move Records on all streaming and download platforms.

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