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KRCL, Hard Reset and Eleonora unveil two consecutive tracks

‘Yours’ and ‘Need Your Love’, released on widerworks, reflect the artists’ rich musical connection

  • 18 May 2024
KRCL, Hard Reset and Eleonora unveil two consecutive tracks

KRCL, Hard Reset and Eleonora have released two brand new tracks within a month.

Released on widerberg’s label widerworks, the tracks titled ‘Yours’ and ‘Need Your Love’ explore new heights of melodic techno, offering listeners profound emotional journeys.

“I still remember the day when Eleonora sent me the vocals for ‘Yours’! As I was landing from a long, tiring flight from Africa after many, many business meetings, I was totally exhausted. All I wanted was to be back home as soon as possible to recover from the trip; not from the beautiful memories I had with dear friends in mesmerizing Africa, but from the immense workload I had at that time. As a producer, I still have a day job that often challenges me as an artist from time to time. With those negative emotions in my mind, I switched on my phone to check if there were any messages, as usual. And that was the moment when I saw the message from Eleonora. It was the vocals for ‘Yours’! I listened to the first parts, and it was already mind-blowing! I decided to force myself to give this special moment recognition in a calm place. But that was much more difficult than I thought: I had to count every second to leave the plane! Play - Rewind - Stop. Over and over again! With a smile on my face and not being able to stop dancing! I was totally shocked! I knew that Eleonora would deliver, but this was much more because if I had been the one writing the lyrics, this would have been it!”, states a social media post from KRCL about ‘Yours’.

Hard Reset’s comments on ‘Yours’ are as follows: “Every stage of this project was a great joy for us. Initially, Fatih and I started composing the track, and midway through the project, we decided to send it to Eleonora. Once completed, we presented the track to Eleonora; she loved it, wrote the lyrics and performed it. ‘Yours’,started by Fatih, carried forward by me and completed by Eleonora, holds a special place as the first in our series of three collaborative tracks.”

Regarding the second track in the series, ‘Need Your Love’, KRCL says: “I have faced many challenges over the past seven years. I had dark nights where I had to pass through journeys that forced me to rediscover myself again and again. There were nights when the sun never rose, seemingly never-ending, and all I could feel was this gut instinct that things were not as they seemed; there was more to it, for good. Despite all struggles, life was beautiful, and I knew I had to learn to be patient, trust, and follow my heart! What saved me during all those times was music! It all started with me looking to make tracks for my book, which I didn’t even realise was the beginning of a spectacular journey! It helped me pass those dark nights, giving me the space to absorb what was happening. I started to tell my story with my tracks; the early ones were all stories from my book. From ‘Arete’s Rebirth’ to ‘Tor Ether Neu’ to ‘Nothing at All,’ it was all about my life and friends. This new track, ‘Need Your Love’, is a plea to love, both human and divine. And we all deserve love and peace!”

Hard Reset dedicates ‘Need Your Love’ to “all the lovers”, inviting listeners to delve into the depths of melodies while celebrating the power and passion of love.

‘Yours’ and ‘Need Your Love’ are the first two releases in the artists’ consecutive trilogy, available on all digital platforms. The final track in the series, ‘Burning’, will be released on May 31.

Take a listen to ‘Yours’ and ‘Need Your Love’ below.

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