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Listen to Vonda7's newest ‘Arrivals’ now

The release features two remixes alongside an original cut

  • 22 April 2022
Listen to Vonda7's newest ‘Arrivals’ now

VONDA7 has released her latest music, ‘Arrivals’, which dropped yesterday.

Alongside the original track, the release includes two remixes - one from Artche, and another from Cornelius.

‘Arrivals’ is available on VONDA7’s own imprint, art | werk.

"I wrote this track while spending time in Valencia, away from my adopted home of Berlin," she explains. "Whilst producing it, I started a job at Berklee Music College and took part in Sebastian Muallert's mentorship programme. It's been a great learning curve on a musical and personal level and I feel like I arrived at a new chapter of my evolution in life."

The original track showcases a hypnotic twist of melodic house, combining lead synths with keys and whispering vocals. Artche’s remix ups the energy, incorporating basslines and heavy drum beats, whilst Cournelius’ includes more hazy tones and atmospheres to close the release.

VONDA7 spent 11 years in her hometown, Berlin, although has recently moved to Valencia in Spain, immersing herself in the Balearic scene and sound. Floating between genres and sounds reflecting her time spent on her craft, she dubs herself as creating “beautiful memories, synthesised melodies”.

‘Arrivals’ by VONDA7 is available now, check it out here.

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