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Experience the ‘Melting Motion’: Pengan Records' debut techno compilation

Juri Heidemann, Maxim Bogdanovic, Lawrence Kurt, Rill and Sira are the contributing artists on the Berlin-based label’s debut release

  • 11 April 2023
Experience the ‘Melting Motion’: Pengan Records' debut techno compilation

Berlin-based electronic music label Pengan Records has released its debut 5-track compilation, the ‘Melting Motion’ EP. This collection of techno tracks showcases the unique talent and creativity of five diverse artists.

The EP opens with ‘Hornamo’ by aspiring producer Juri Heidemann, who has been making a name for himself in the techno scene. Heidemann's track features a simple yet effective rolling bassline, inspired by the sound of Detroit, sharp cutting hats, and classic FM steps. This mesmerising groove-heavy track serves as a strong introduction to the compilation.

Next up is ‘Superposition’ by Düsseldorf-based artist Maxim Bogdanovic. Known for his involvement in the frequent techno event series Cube x, Bogdanovic's contribution to the EP is a thoughtfully arranged journey through spaced-out sound design and textures, offering listeners a captivating sonic experience.

Berlin's own Lawrence Kurt presents the third track, ‘Samba’. True to its name, this groove-focused track incorporates an impressive humanised drum work, inspired by the 2000s tribal techno. Kurt's modern twist on the old-school sound creates a proper hip-shaker that will keep listeners moving.

The fourth track, ‘Field of View’, comes from Rill, who brings a hypnotic techno stomper to the collection. Stripped down and fueled by trippy drones, polyrhythmic, and minimalistic sounds, this track also features an angelic voice whispering right into listeners' ears, inviting them to get lost in his musical landscapes.

Finally, Sira's ‘Soul Searching’ closes out the EP. This track is all about creating a specific vibe, immersing listeners in atmospheric pads and percussion-fueled rhythms, accompanied by sharp hats and rides. ‘Soul Searching’ encourages listeners to dive deep and potentially rediscover a lost part of themselves.

Listen to the ‘Melting Motion’ EP below

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