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Metodi Hristov drops new single, ‘Rider’

The track is a testament to his commitment to the genre

  • 23 March 2023
Metodi Hristov drops new single, ‘Rider’

Metodi Hristov is back with a brand-new single titled ‘Rider’.

The single, released on his own record label Set About Music, showcases Hristov's signature style of techno that has made him a staple in the underground scene.

‘Rider’ is an upbeat, pulse-racing track that fuses wobbling bass tones, punchy hi-hats, and a barrage of thumping kickdrums. The hazy synths create a spellbinding atmosphere in the background of mesmerising lead licks, sure to leave listeners enthralled and wanting more.

The Sofia-based producer’s attention to detail and mastery of production is evident in every aspect of ‘Rider’. The track is a testament to his commitment to the genre and his dedication to creating music that speaks to techno lovers everywhere.

‘Rider’ is Metodi Hristov’s second standalone single coming out this year, following ‘Kick’. The artist is set to release another track, titled ‘Warp Drive’, on Senso Sounds’ mini compilation ‘Senso Sounds Level 11’ on March 24.

Check out ‘Rider’ and ‘Warp Drive’ below.

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