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‘Mina Nawe’ gets a hypnotic rework from Francis Mercier

Haitian maestro Francis Mercier reworks Soa Mattrix’s 2022 Amapiano hit ‘Mina Nawe’

  • 19 November 2023
‘Mina Nawe’ gets a hypnotic rework from Francis Mercier

Francis Mercier, the acclaimed Haitian DJ and producer, has just dropped an Afro House rework of the Amapiano hit ‘Mina Nawe’. Originally released by South African DJ and producer Soa Mattrix, vocalist Mashudu, alongside Happy Jazzman & Emotionz DJ in 2022, this rework is brought to life under the collaborative banners of Soa Family and Virgin Music.

The original track, which swiftly climbed to the top of the charts and amassed millions of streams, showcases the unique and vibrant Amapiano sound. Mercier's version takes this a step further, infusing his own signature style, which reflects his diverse cultural heritage and commitment to showcasing global talent, with the rich textures of South African music.

Mercier's rendition adds an electrifying bassline to the mix, transforming 'Mina Nawe' into a dynamic sonic journey. This new take not only appeals to fans of Amapiano and Afro House but is also set to captivate electronic music enthusiasts worldwide. It retains the charm of the original while highlighting Mercier’s unique sound and multicultural significance, inviting listeners everywhere to join in this global musical celebration.

Francis Mercier continues to solidify his status in the electronic music scene with this latest release, showcasing his distinct sound and style. Keep an eye on his social media for the latest updates on releases, projects, and live shows. ‘Mina Nawe (Francis Mercier Rework)’ is now available on all major online stores and streaming platforms, marking yet another captivating work in Mercier's ever-expanding catalogue. Check it out here.

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