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Minstrel is ‘Back to Where You’ve Never Been’ with his new single

Turkish DJ, producer and label owner Minstrel is back with his much-anticipated new single which is accompanied by an official video

  • 16 November 2022
Minstrel is ‘Back to Where You’ve Never Been’ with his new single

Minstrel has dropped his much-anticipated new solo single, ‘Back to Where You’ve Never Been’.

The anthemic techno track, which has been previewed in Minstrel’s recent sets, is described by the artist as “It’s about moments that we can’t leave in the past. Something that would make you feel like you were in an alternate reality for a few minutes — a place where there’s nothing but sound and movement.”

‘Back to Where You’ve Never Been’ is Minstrel’s first solo release this year, following his 2021 projects ‘Chosenness’, ’Singularis’ and ’Siege’. Among these three, ‘Chosenness’ was first featured on Future Forward Music’s 40-strong ‘The Void’ compilation last year and he was one of the three curators of that mixed compilation.

The man behind the alias, Emre Akcay who is also one of the brothers who had been performing under the spotlights as Burak & Emre until a few years ago, redefined himself and his sound in 2020 as a solo act to combine his trance music DNA with dark and deep techno rhythms.

‘Back To Where You Have Never Been’ has arrived also with an official music video, directed by Apple-featured director Cagla Caglar. The video tells a story between two lovers who are forced to go on a journey to death together. It is a story of characters who are lost in their world, but they find each other at the end of their journey. The journey they embark on eventually lead to inevitable fate. The music video captures that feeling of being lost in darkness—the kind of feeling that makes you feel like there’s no hope left for yourself or the world around you.

“It’s a track about loss and mourning,” says Minstrel. “The kind of thing that you can’t quite put into words.”

‘Back to Where You Have Never Been’ is out via Minstrel’s own imprint Ineffable, which first appeared with its party series this year where FJAAK, Kobosil, DJ Stingray 313, Daria Kolosova and Elli Acula played. The single also marks the label's debut release.

Watch the official music video to ‘Back to Where You Have Never Been’ below and check out the release here.

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