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Moksi drops third studio album, ‘Moksi Crew’

Out via Barong Family, the album reflects the producer's evolution as a solo artist

  • 9 October 2023
Moksi drops third studio album, ‘Moksi Crew’

Dutch artist Moksi is back on the scene with his third album, "Moksi Crew”.

Now solely under the helm of Samir, this 12-track compilation demonstrates a fresh perspective and readiness for a new chapter. "Moksi Crew" offers listeners a diverse musical tapestry, transitioning from Moksi's hallmark house beats to a blend of house, bass, and techno that resonates throughout the album. Building on its forerunner's innovative soundscape, "Moksi Crew" vibrates with dynamic vigour, encapsulating the essence of the dance floor. The album title pays homage to the dedicated fans – the Crew – celebrating the deep connection and the electrifying atmosphere they ignite at shows worldwide. Kicking off with "The Treble" alongside Mike Cervello, it layers modest tech house rhythms with catchy melodies. Tracks like "Killer Flex" feature Bok Nero's hip-hop vocals, showcasing Moksi's genre-blending talent. "Me to Blame" intensifies with its synthesis of bass, house, edgy synths, and gritty vocals, while "There Is Life" concludes the album as a techno masterpiece peppered with spoken word elements. "Moksi Crew" isn't just a continuation; it's a decisive proclamation, delivering enhanced sounds yet retaining its characteristic flavour. Although Samir's journey to "Moksi Crew" has been remarkable, this is merely the dawn of an exhilarating new chapter.

Moksi says, “When I started Moksi in 2015, I never would've thought it would turn out to be such a versatile act. While pioneering the bass house genre, I quite organically expanded my sound to a much wider range within dance music. Touching on house, tech house, melodic house, deep house, and techno. For the "Moksi Crew" album, I wanted to keep building on all those influences. The goal was to make an album that reflects me as an artist while challenging the popular sounds within today's house music revival. My approach to my production process was quite technical for what I'm used to. All to find interesting new sound design techniques to make it sound different from other music I've been working on in the past. It was so fun to actually get my hands dirty and rediscover myself. My goal as a producer is never to reproduce other people's sound or to release music that connects easily to the masses. The contrary is true; I want to make music that pushes a sound forward. Music that builds on the shoulders of all the house music giants that came before me. The goal should always be growth, never success, because success is the thief of ambition. With that in mind, I hope this album will add to the ever-evolving story of house music.”

Starting in 2015 as a pair, Moksi quickly drew attention, especially from Yellow Claw, releasing "Getting Higher" on Barong Family – a move which significantly raised their profile. This was soon followed by two albums and a slew of hit singles on labels such as STMPD RCRDS, Confession, Revealed, Barong Family, and Musical Freedom, among others. That same year marked their stage debut, leading to a string of impressive performances at illustrious venues and festivals like Tomorrowland, EDC Las Vegas, Ultra Music Festival, Lollapalooza, Brooklyn Mirage, and Bootshaus, to name a few.

Listen to "Moksi Crew" below, use this link to stream/download on your favourite platforms.

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