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New documentary explores the future of techno

Featuring Stacey Hotwaxx Hale, Sven Väth and TAAHLIAH, watch 'How Techno Shapes the Future' below

  • 26 October 2023
New documentary explores the future of techno

A new documentary has been released exploring the future of techno.

Created by German state broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW), the new film is titled How Techno Shapes the Future.

The documentary poses the question: “Techno is harder, faster and more diverse than ever. Between underground, culture and commerce - where is techno today?”

Chapters of the film include, ‘Taking Over Pop Music’, ‘Reclaiming the Narrative’ and ‘Pushing the Boundaries’.

Following the journey of techno in Detroit, Frankfurt and Berlin, it features the likes of Stacey Hotwaxx Hale, Sven Väth, TAAHLIAH (pictured) and Nicky Böhm, project manager for Tresor, among many others.

Böhm speaks on the importance of more diversity and inclusion for female representation in the industry with TAAHLIAH continuing this conversation by speaking on her own experiences with discrimination.

Its description reads: “Emerging from underground scenes techno has become a mainstream phenomenon with the message: ‘Be yourself – everything is allowed!’ Fetish-wear is now the dress code of a young generation of TikTok ravers who discovered techno on social media. DJs do not only move dance floors but are simultaneously entrepreneurs who need to perform just as well online, as they do on stage.”

As part of DW’s Arts Unveiled series, this new episode comes after it released How techno was born: From Detroit to Berlin.

Watch the full documentary How Techno Shapes the Future below.

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