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Watch Nifra’s livestream from Israel's UNESCO World Heritage site Masada National Park

It marks Nifra’s debut livestream at the ancient fortress in southern Israel’s Judean Desert

  • 21 July 2023
Watch Nifra’s livestream from Israel's UNESCO World Heritage site Masada National Park

Slovakian trance DJ/producer Nifra has joined forces with Tiede Night’s once again for a sensational livestream experience, all the way from the awe-inspiring UNESCO World Heritage Site, Masada National Park.

After last year's triumphant livestream at the Dead Sea, the visionary minds behind this project have taken things up a notch by conquering the ancient fortress in southern Israel’s Judean Desert.

Nifra's global reputation as a trance titan precedes her, as she travels the globe, captivating audiences with her cutting-edge productions released on esteemed labels like Black Hole Recordings and Coldharbour. Hosting her own Rebel Radio show and earning the support of industry heavyweights for her sublime melodies and high-octane anthems, Nifra is on top of her game. This year, she is set to conquer festival stages like Tomorrowland and Creamfields, with an exciting lineup of new releases waiting to dazzle her fans. Notably, Nifra secured her spot as the #10 ranked female trance artist on Trancepodium.

The pandemic-induced lockdowns of 2020 opened a new chapter for Nifra, leading her to embrace the virtual world as a canvas to showcase her artistic passion and vision. Collaborating with Israel’s Tiede Night’s collective for her debut livestream at the iconic Dead Sea was just the beginning. Since then, her bond with the team and the country has grown stronger, resulting in this extraordinary performance at the legendary Masada.

The location is a vast plateau overlooking the Dead Sea, with a cable car and a long, winding path climbing up to the historic fortifications that were built in around 30 B.C. Among the ruins are King Herod's Palace, which sprawls over three rock terraces, and a Roman-style bathhouse with mosaic floors. The Masada Museum has archaeological exhibits and recreations of historical scenes and it has surely formed a breathtaking setting for this livestream.

Watch the stream below.

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