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Ninja Tune's Jamm Pro production app now available for iPhone and Android

Ninja Tune claims it is ‘the most powerful touch-based instrument for all kinds of musical expression’

  • 6 April 2023
Ninja Tune's Jamm Pro production app now available for iPhone and Android

Ninja Tune has expanded its Jamm Pro app to include versions for iPhone, Android and Apple silicon Macs.

The previously iPad-exclusive free app now comes with new features such as enhanced time-stretching, additional multi-genre SoundSets, Bluetooth support, a tool for personalising and sharing tracks on social media, as well as a new Action Sequencer tool for recording while building layers and performing live.

Users can also import their own samples into the app. FX such as delay, reverb, filter and saturation are connected to a built-in XY interface, enabling music creators to manipulate up to four parameters simultaneously with just two fingers.

Jamm Pro allows users to freely load and record samples for immediate access to all performance functions. Users can tweak and prepare sounds in additional screens, adjust BPM, save clip and effect combinations, and create and share their grooves. The app features 4+1 channels, each with its own set of customizable powerful effects, including six distortion types, five filter types, tape/digital delays, and smart pitch bend/scratch. The tip control functions like a mini XY for every effect.

The Slice feature offers 16 instant Ninja superfills and beat juggles, as well as the option to program your own. Jamm Pro's controls can be connected to flexible Modulation Step Sequencers, with six available per channel, clock divide, smooth, and randomization features. The app also includes 64 Total Recall Patches, allowing users to store and recall the complete state of the app to capture ideas and structure performances.

Check out a video on the latest update below and find more about the new features of the app here.

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