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Onetoomany set to release debut single, ‘ASLN’

The Egyptian duo’s new deep minimal cut will land on March 7 via SlipCast Records

  • 1 March 2024
Onetoomany set to release debut single, ‘ASLN’

Egyptian duo Onetoomany, comprising the brothers Youssef and Yahya Hegazy, are releasing their debut single, ‘ASLN’, on March 7 via SlipCast Records.

With their debut release ‘ASLN’, the Hegazy brothers introduce their talent in the deep minimal genre to their listeners. The single embodies a synthesis of steady rhythms and nuanced melodies, creating an engaging soundscape for listeners. Drawing from their Egyptian heritage and incorporating a variety of global influences, Onetoomany's music possesses a distinctive character that draws listeners into a contemplative auditory experience.

The Cairo-based label SlipCast Records made its debut with the inaugural release ‘Stereo Move’ by ReiRei and BD in 2023. Last summer, the label’s second catalogue was marked by the release of a solo EP from ReiRei himself, titled ‘Signs’.

The label was founded on a passion for music, with a commitment to embracing diversity and breaking down barriers within the industry. It represents a movement aimed at connecting artists with fans, celebrating a variety of cultures through its sound and fostering an environment where talent can flourish.

“At SlipCast Records, we're passionate about providing a platform for artists to showcase their creativity and share their unique sounds with the world. Our team comprises experienced music producers, sound engineers and marketing experts who work closely with each artist to bring their vision to life” says SlipCast Records CEO & co-founder Boudy Fathallah, speaking to Mixmag MENA.

SlipCast Records’ third offering, ‘ASLN’, merges steady rhythms and a minimalist aesthetic, offering an engaging experience that crosses genre boundaries. Listen to a sneak peek below and pre-order it here.

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