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Pekodjinn announces forthcoming EP ‘TN TAPE’, shares lead single ‘Mansit’

The EP will land on September 20 via Les Disques Magnétiques

  • 25 June 2024
Pekodjinn announces forthcoming EP ‘TN TAPE’, shares lead single ‘Mansit’

The Tunisia-hailing and now Switzerland-based DJ/producer Pekodjinn has announced his latest project, "TN TAPE."

The EP, set to be released on September 20 via Les Disques Magnétiques, is a visceral exploration of his North African roots and the urban landscapes that have influenced his sound. The lead single titled "Mansit”, featuring Tunisian singer Sabry Mosbah, is now available on all major platforms. In support of the EP, Pekodjinn will embark on a brief tour of Canada and New York, beginning on July 5 in Vancouver.

"Mansit" introduces a pop and melancholic tone to the project, holding a special place in Pekodjinn's collection. The Geneva-based producer first encountered Sabry Mosbah in concert in Djerba in 2017, while attending his grandfather's funeral. Inspired by Mosbah's performance, Pekodjinn attempted to contact the artist and, failing that, began remixing Mosbah’s tracks found on YouTube. His obsession with an acoustic version of "Mansit" led him to create a more percussive and synth-infused version. This remix, performed during a Boiler Room set in London, caught Mosbah's attention, ultimately leading to its official release. In "Mansit", Mosbah sings about his pride in being a black Maghrebian, a poignant commentary on Tunisia's current socio-political climate and the resurgence of racism affecting the black community.

”This track is so important to me. It’s maybe the first time I go out of my comfort zone with a more 'pop' and romantic vibe. Also, collaborating with Sabry is really something. He’s an incredible artist. I have followed his work for a long time, so it’s an honor to release this song with him. Really hope it will touch people’s soul”, Pekodjinn explains about "Mansit".

"TN TAPE" offers an audacious journey through Tunisia's vibrant landscapes, juxtaposed with Geneva's backdrop. Recorded partially in Tunis, the EP captures the raw energy of North African streets, where the sounds of vendors, counterfeit shops and scooters create a dynamic soundscape.

Avoiding a typical tourist perspective, "TN TAPE" delves into the complex socio-political realities of the region, reflecting a youth eager for change. Pekodjinn's music vividly portrays a society on the brink of transformation.

Complementing the EP's innovative soundscapes is the visual artistry of Razab, a Geneva-based tattoo and graffiti artist. His striking illustrations, which adorn the project, echo themes of identity and defiance, adding depth to the narrative.

Pekodjinn's music draws deeply from traditional North African sounds, blending percussive elements with contemporary club influences. By merging darbukas with trap beats, 60s violin melodies with batida rhythms, and layering them with dub effects, he creates a unique style that resonates with both the continent's and the diaspora's youth.

Following his critically acclaimed debut album "Dharba," released in 2023, "TN TAPE" promises a radical and raw continuation of Pekodjinn's musical journey.

Take a listen to the lead single "Mansit" below.

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