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Toka Musik debuts with EP from Pierre Locher

Dubai-based Toka Musik’s first catalogue is a two-tracker by Pierre Locher: ‘Cannibal Models’

  • 5 September 2023
Toka Musik debuts with EP from Pierre Locher

The Dubai-based DJ and producer Pierre Locher has released his new EP, ‘Cannibal Models’, on Toka Musik.

The two track EP marks the debut release from the Dubai label. Pierre Locher, a Swiss and British underground producer and DJ, first gained popularity under the pseudonym Awakening Of Two. His distinctive style is a testament to his diverse influences and insatiable appetite for experimentation. With performances in Switzerland, Italy, the UK and UAE, Locher continues to push his artistic boundaries by combining ethereal ambient soundscapes with raw tribal percussions.

‘Cannibal Models’ takes listeners on a sonic journey and displays Locher’s exceptional versatility and creativity, setting the stage for an exciting future for the label.

With an experimental approach to sound design and composition, Pierre Locher captivates audiences with his storytelling through his blend of indie house, techno and industrial house.

Listen to the ‘Cannibal Models’ EP below, and check it out on your favourite streaming/downloading platforms here.

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