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Reinier Zonneveld stuns with Guinness World Record-breaking electronic music live set

The Dutch techno superstar held his certificate after breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest electronic music live set

  • 18 August 2023
Reinier Zonneveld stuns with Guinness World Record-breaking electronic music live set

Reinier Zonneveld has established a new Guinness World Record for the longest solo electronic music live set.

Spinning at the debut Karren Maar Festival at the Stadsblokken in Arnhem on August 5, the techno sensation played for an incredible 11 hours and 11 minutes to break the record. An official from the Guinness World Records was present to verify the achievement.

Zonneveld took a well-deserved victory lap, sharing a photo of himself holding his new record alongside the adjudicator who certified the record at the festival. The post read:

“I BROKE THE GUINESS WORLD RECORD FOR THE LONGEST ELECTRONIC MUSIC LIVE PERFORMANCE. 11 hours and 11 minutes at my own KARREN MAAR festival and I can’t really believe that this is true now.

“We had 2 massive stages and although the weather was very bad, everyone came early and stayed till the end with a ridiculous amount of energy - THANK YOU SO MUCH for this support, that kept me going.

“Live performance means that I play only my own music and make it live on stage with synthesizers and drumcomputers (a DJ mainly plays finished tracks by other artists). This is how I always perform since I started doing techno live at little illegal raves 15 years ago. And about the record: As a kid, I always read the Guinness World Records books and dreamed of being a world record holder myself. And now it became truth and it’s even more crazy that this all worked out so good next to finishing my next album, which will come soon and mirrors my development as an artist and musician as well as all the memories and experiences I made since my last album. Thank you all so much for making this possible with me.”

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