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Sarv explores musical heritage with latest EP, ‘Arabia Felix’

Palestinian DJ and producer’s latest three-tracker is a journey through time and sound, featuring Tronik Youth and Monixa

  • 6 May 2024
Sarv explores musical heritage with latest EP, ‘Arabia Felix’

Palestinian DJ and producer Sarv’s latest EP "Arabia Felix" unfolds the artist’s deep dive into the musical heritage of the Middle East, juxtaposed with his grasp of modern electronic genres like dark disco, EBM and trance.

Featuring two original tracks alongside a standout collaboration with Tronik Youth and Monixa, "Arabia Felix”, released on Nein Records, is the product of an extended and tumultuous creative process, much of which Sarv penned months prior to completion.

During his university years, Sarv intended to explore Middle Eastern music but found himself enrolled in a course on Western music origins instead. This twist in his educational path inadvertently enriched his understanding of music's evolution, from ancient notations and instruments to the complex layers of contemporary sound. This blend of ancient Western and Eastern musical knowledge profoundly influenced the EP’s creation, as Sarv combined these learnings with modern synths and his own style.

The EP's name, "Arabia Felix" — a term historically used by Romans and Greeks to describe the fertile parts of the Middle East, particularly Yemen — reflects Sarv's inspiration from the region's rich past. The artwork for the EP, created by Montsalo Blanc, mirrors this historical influence with a design that complements the music's depth and texture.

In a social media post, Sarv also extends special thanks to Monixa for her significant contributions to the project, praising her artistic insight, arrangements and captivating vocals that enrich the EP's title track.

Sarv, the creative force behind the Deviousco collective and a frequent performer at the "Arabs Do It Better" events, masterfully merges a diverse array of mainly Eastern cultural influences into an alternative soundscape. His musical range covers genres like indie dance, dark disco and Italo trance; and he continues to make waves with his dynamic releases, both recent and upcoming, on the leading UK-based label, Nein Records.

Sarv was also one of the featuring artists on the fundraiser compilation titled “They Will Be Free: A VA For Palestine Vol 1”, released in October 2023, with his solo track “Nabiga”.

Take a listen to the artist’s latest EP "Arabia Felix" below.

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