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SceneNoise launches new record label, NoiseRecords

The label’s debut release is a 13-track VA compilation that traverses a wild tapestry of genres and emerging sounds from the MENA region. Proceedings from the album will go to the Palestine Red Crescent Society

  • 28 January 2024
SceneNoise launches new record label, NoiseRecords

Having served as the voice of the Middle East’s independent music landscape for over a decade, the online media platform SceneNoise has launched a record label, NoiseRecords.

The label’s debut release, a 13-track various artists compilation, explores a diverse range of genres and new sounds from the MENA region, with the album’s proceeds being donated to the Palestine Red Crescent Society.

Titled ‘Manshaa’, the compilation album embodies the eclectic sounds that the platform has supported over the last decade. It also signals the future direction of NoiseRecords, focusing on artists who have redefined their genres and made significant impacts in their respective scenes.

Featuring a variety of artists, the compilation takes listeners on an exhilarating journey through diverse musical styles. Jordanian Big Murk introduces a dynamic Arabic Garage in ‘7aggo Masaree’, while Emirati singer Abri's ‘The Edge’ showcases his deep, soulful falsetto. Kuwaiti producer Goldplates brings a post-club heavy metal vibe in ‘I Bring The Pain’, and Lebanese Gharam Electric lights up the collection with Arab-futuro pop in ‘Mozza’. The album also includes Tunisian rappers Koast & 4lfa with their smooth bars in ‘Wishlist’, Egyptian live act Chiati's emotive electronica in ‘In the Dark’, and Egyptian El Waili's uniquely groovy ‘Tamatem’.

Rising Egyptian talent Juno presents an intimate and heartfelt song in ‘Starburst’, and Tunisian producer Ratchopper explores pixelated jazz in ‘Allaoui Man’. Syrian artist Hello Psychalleppo offers a maqam-infused dub-techno track in ‘Off’ and Saudi Arabian Fulana delivers an electrifying electro-rock number with ‘Ya Thalam Ya Kabes’.

Moroccan duo De Ville adds a Raï-inspired funk-ballad in ‘Liberti’, while Ka2en Record’s Kamikazem, Gello, Mabeyn & Lil Abad present a smoky new wave trap in ‘Hadaf’.

NoiseRecords’ debut release emerges as a musical exploration that transcends geographical and cultural boundaries, immersing listeners in a rich tapestry of sounds from the MENA region. The album's audio quality is enhanced by the expert mixing and mastering provided by SAE Institute Amman.

As to the visual identity of ‘Manshaa’, it was crafted in collaboration with the Egyptian-German design house NTSAL. Its cover art is a captivating blend of custom calligraphy, geographical stamps and design elements reflecting the visual language of the region’s architecture and textiles. Furthermore, each artist is represented by a unique 3D model, thoughtfully draped in materials ranging from sand and stone to porcelain and rubber, reflecting the diverse universe of the album. Also, Each song on the album is complemented by engaging visualisers that vividly capture the essence of every track.

In celebration of the label's inauguration and the debut of 'Manshaa', NoiseRecords has partnered with Egyptian streetwear brand Brown Toast to launch an exclusive apparel line. This unique collection infuses elements that honour the rich tapestry of Arab culture and its influential role in the global music scene. It features custom stamps, each symbolising a different country in the MENA region.

The collection introduces an innovative interactive experience. Wearers can scan the NoiseRecords globe icon on the sweatshirt, select a track from the album, and unveil the song accompanied by a special Augmented Reality (AR) animation right on the garment. Furthermore, sweatshirt owners will have the privilege of receiving exclusive music and content in the future through the same scanning process. This also includes digital memberships granting access to upcoming perks from NoiseRecords.

To get a glimpse of this AR experience, click here, select a track, and zoom in on the globe icon on the sweatshirt below for a demonstration. The collection will soon be available for purchase globally through

Listen to ‘Manshaa’ below and follow NoiseRecords here with the latest updates.

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