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​86-year-old gran enjoys bagpipe rendition of Faithless’ ‘Insomnia’ amidst Scottish ravers

Her grandson described her demeanour as "looking like she's queuing at the Post Office"

  • 7 June 2022
​86-year-old gran enjoys bagpipe rendition of Faithless’ ‘Insomnia’ amidst Scottish ravers

A priceless video of an 86-year-old Scottish gran watching her grandson’s band play the bagpipes to the tune of Faithless’ rave classic ‘Insomnia’ has emerged.

Marjorie Lawrie was watching her grandson perform alongside his band Drums N’ Roses at the Houston Beer Festival in Renfrewshire on Saturday, to which her grandson Craig said she “looked like she was queueing for the Post Office” as she stood watching, arms folded.

33-year-old Craig was performing to a room of around 2,000 people, most of which were in their 60s, he said.

“She stood there for a whole hour, she didn't need a seat. She has two hearing aids and had to turn them down, she doesn't get to see the band live very often,” Craig said of his gran.

Marjorie looked unphased as the 1995-released rave classic began playing and crowd members threw their hands in the air and sat on each other’s shoulders to enjoy the track.

Craig’s band belted their rendition out on the bagpipes, although Crag admitted that he didn’t think “rave music and bagpipes is her thing. I think she just goes to offer her support,” he said.

“I don't think she actually knows what the song is, we did George Michael and Mama Mia too. "If she was put her LP player on, I don't think that would be her thing. She likes Patsy Klein, John Denver, Gladys Knight,” he said.

Craig, from Paisley, added that it was his aunt that brought his grandmother along. The gran-of-two is described by Craig as “one in a million”. “She absolutely loves it, she's so interested in anything me and my siblings do,” he says.