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Sokkary has announced Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE tour for end of year

The Egypt-bred artist delivers a heady mix spanning melodic and darker sides of techno

  • 24 November 2022
Sokkary has announced Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE tour for end of year

The Egypt-bred, now Qatar and the Netherlands-based DJ and producer Sokkary has embarked on a 12-date Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE tour which has started this month.

Representing the darker and more mysterious side of electronic music, Sokkary is bringing his colossal sound to Doha’s Black Orchid and B 018, Al Wakrah’s Arcadia Music Festival and Aravia, Riyadh’s MDLBEAST Soundstorm 2022 and Dubai’s B 018 DXB.

Sokkary has been making music for about 10 years now and a few years ago he started finding himself and his sound in darker underground styles. Talking about his current style, he says: “I’d put my sound at the moment as somewhere between melodic techno and darker harder techno.” Developing a bond with orchestral music as well as Arabic sounds enabled him to start composing music for films in 2021, too. After his first film soundtrack, Sokkary instantly knew he must experiment and integrate this world of music with his already evolving electronic music sound.

His discography includes cuts for the likes of Black Hole Recordings, Elliptical Sun Melodies, Sequence Music, MDLBEAST Records and Shagara Records as well as his outstanding tracks “Never Let Me Go”, “Symphony”, “Time Loop” and “The Cave”. The artist’s most recent projects that came out this year are a four-track EP “Symphony” and a single entitled “Another World”.

Sokkary has recorded an exclusive mix for the Mixmag MENA readers. Below you can listen to his Influx mix and check out his end-of-year tour schedule.

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