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Syriantal releases debut EP, ‘Avenue De Damas’

The EP is out via STRND Records

  • 24 April 2023
Syriantal releases debut EP, ‘Avenue De Damas’

Syria-hailing, now Berlin-based electronic artist Syriantal (Alaa Khalil) has released his debut EP, entitled ‘Avenue De Damas’.

Released via the Lebanon-based label STRND Records, founded by As We Said and Sako Mardiros, the EP is comprised of two mesmerising tracks, ‘Avenue De Damas’ and ‘Vigour’. Syriantal expertly weaves together elements of electronic music to create a sonic tapestry that is both haunting and hypnotic. Each track offers a unique soundscape that transports listeners to another world, filled with ethereal beauty and pulsating rhythms.

The title track explores the depths of Syriantal’s talents as it leads listeners down a mysterious path lined with lush melodies and intriguing textures. The second track, ‘Vigour’, showcases the artist's versatility as it builds a vibrant, energetic atmosphere that commands attention and invites listeners to lose themselves in the music.

Listen to Syriantal’s debut EP below.

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